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It has been more than a month since we have said anything after getting cracked by SKIDROW and RELOADED. We watched the downloads of the torrent here and things have finally died down and returned to normal...

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Time keeps on ticking ticking, into the future..

It has been more than a month since we have said anything after getting cracked by SKIDROW and RELOADED. We watched the downloads of the torrent here and things have finally died down and returned to normal.

While all that was going on we updated our code base to NeoAxis 1.0 that has finally come out after working with it since 2007 and version 0.5x it has been lots of fun getting to 1.0. Much congrats to all the other developers in the NA community here is a personal shout out for you. See you when 2.0 arrives :D

EPISODE 1: [ppbranchg11587button]

Getting cracked and put on the scene did two things for us a company and Incognito as an indie game. It gave us tons of exposure and hits to our site and videos that we would have really never been able to achieve without being listed by such "high profile" groups.

The only thing we did not like was the potential for lost sales. The crackers basically give you another file that you can put into the games directory that overwrites our own. After this you can enter a specific number and it will always activate. To be honest it was well done and we applaud the crackers for their skill.

EPISODE 2: [ppbranchg12734button]

All things considered this is normally a privilege reserved for AAA titles and games much bigger than us. We still believe that all they wanted to do was offer a better product and one without a serial number tied to it. How can we fix this without getting locked into some perpetual cycle of trying to outsmart others?

Well some changes have to be made obviously. If the game is so popular that it needs to be cracked we will make it more available to the gaming masses. Removing the DRM system that we built back in 2008 felt really good after it was done. The next thing we did was decide to lower the price and try to capture some of the market that decided to play it for free. Maybe $9.99 (before tax) is asking to much. Each episode of Incognito will now only be $4.99.

EPISODE 3: [ppbranchg13305button]

So now instead of all 3 episodes costing you a total of $29.97 it will now only cost $14.97.

What else have we been up to you ask? What else could you have possibly done in the last month other than this? After we did all that other awesome stuff we wanted to do something even more awesome so we decided to finally create a official Linux port for all 3 episodes of Incognito.

In the next few weeks all the download portals we work with (GamersGate, Desura, BeamDog, Impulse, Apple AppStore) will be receiving this new version with DRM removed and we will look into possible ways to distribute for Linux so we don't overwhelm our main server.

Things are busy right now and with any hope will only get even busier. See you later this year with more info on Episode 4.


ZaliaS - - 148 comments

Never even heard of this. Looks and sounds terrible. The Voice overs are horrid. I'm not saying I could do any better, I'm just speaking my mind. I definitely wouldn't pay more than $5.00 USD for the whole trilogy together. Good luck in the future though! Hope the rest of the stuff you guys make isn't as ugly. Sorry if I offended you all, just my opinion. Hopefully you guys have plenty of other people who actually like this and would actually pay for it. I guess its cool for a first game from you guys though.

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newbie2356 - - 140 comments

I have no idea what is being said in the first vid.

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Magrathean Author
Magrathean - - 87 comments

Here is a youtube link, has subtitles if you're having trouble hearing it.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

First -- you're a bloody indie game. DRM is considered a dirty word on this website. I'd figure you'd know better than this.

Second -- subtitles or not, you convey a very unpolished game base don the first vid. The shooting looked unpolished, the audio was horrible (that music makes me want to shoot someone, and not someone who is virtual), and you have little idea what is even going on.

Third -- Like ZaliasoO, I am not trying to be mean or rude, but really... this seems far from complete. I wouldn't pay for this. I've payed less money for games that, based upon the way your trailer conveys the game, are higher a quality.

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Magrathean Author
Magrathean - - 87 comments

I don't understand why you and ZaliasoO are being so hostile. It's just a game, it has been around since 2009 and we have many decent reviews and sold many copies. We used DRM in the beginning to help fight piracy so we could recoup costs put into making it.

Now that we are popular enough that groups like RELOADED and SKIDROW are cracking the game we decided to remove the DRM and lower the price to make it easier to get ahold of because we like gamers that is why we made a game.

This game is intended to look this way, much in the same way Minecraft is intended to look 8bit this game Incognito is trying to look like older 3D games from the late 90's. It's funny how both of you say that you do not intend to be rude but that is all your comments offer. Why even leave them in the first place?

Currently we have three episodes done out of a planned five. In reply I would ask both of you to try and do better or at the very least give it a try and see if you actually like it, but it seems you have already made up your minds.

So what else can I say? Haters gonna hate.

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ZaliaS - - 148 comments

Not to hate. But honestly? I wouldn't even waste my time pirating this game...

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gazornonplat - - 388 comments

If I may, I'd like to reiterate somewhat more gently what the guys are saying. The game looks under-polished. As a developer I know that it takes a lot of time and effort to get everything to look nice, but that doesn't make it any less important, or necessary. In particular the various explosion, fire and muzzle-flash effects need some work.

Make the right thing or make the thing right.

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

" This game is intended to look this way, much in the same way Minecraft is intended to look 8bit this game Incognito is trying to look like older 3D games from the late 90's. "

The difference being that Minecraft has a consistent and visually appealing art direction, whereas ( and this is just an observation after viewing your youtube videos) - Incognito has the appearance of something that was hobbled together from a grab bag of free models and textures found around the web.

Also, if someone (or in this case multiple people) dislike the appearance of your game, perhaps you should take their opinions on board rather than going "oh, it's meant to look unappealing to you " (the inference being they just don't "get" what it is you're trying to show them). It's a crappy response and it's going to turn alot of potential customers off.

"Haters gonna hate." <-- that one's even worse.

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enemyviolent - - 1 comments

It's a game made by programmers. The downside is that the art direction and voice acting aren't as good as a triple-A title. The upside is that it's a truly 3D game with a massive universe with different game modes that are smooth and unique. An indie game that even tries to be this ambitious is rare let alone one that sees release and is good. Of course it's not everyone's cup of tea. Try it.

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ZaliaS - - 148 comments

"An indie game that even tries to be this ambitious is rare..." let me stop you right there. I can't even count my fingers, the number of indie games that are FAR more ambitious, visually appealing, and a damn better quality for half the price these guys are asking. It's not that I'm making fun of them because they're game doesn't look like top of the line market games today. I'm just offended that they would try to sell something so low grad at the quality presented.

Now, I say this lightly, as "graphics don't make a game good," its the combination of the two, and quite frankly, doesn't appeal to me here. The point I'm trying to get across is the fact that the gameplay mechanics have no "metronome" to them, nor does the visual style seem appealing (IMO) at all. Let alone, I wouldn't dare invest my money into a game that has voice acting that sounds like it was done all through a $10 analog mic/headset the programmer found on Ebay.

Now, I am going about this a little extremely, and I do apologize. I mean no disrespect, and I'm trying to give you the most useful constructive criticism, even though it may seem straightly blunt.
To release even an Indie game on the market, the project needs to be "mechanically sound." This meaning, that the game itself needs to reach a point of harmony between all aspects of the final product BEFORE release.

I just simply fail to see that here.

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ZaliaS - - 148 comments

I do, however, sincerely wish you and the rest of you team the best in the future. I do hope to see a brilliant creation by you all on Steam one day. Just please take into consideration, that not everything you would like to create in a game, would be appealing to the targeted audience. I would suggest opening a forum, or simply doing it all right here, and have a feedback and idea fan base for your future products. See what the gamers like, find what appeals to the majority, or just to your target consumers, and try to make it work. Be creative, by all means, but do it with passion...FOR the passion of others. Don't make a game that just YOU would like to play. Find that "harmony" between what you like, and what the consumer would love.

Again, sorry for any disrespect I may have accidentally thrown out there. It was not intended at all.


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Protektor - - 264 comments

I watched the video here. I don't think the graphics are that bad. Are they what we see in triple A titles today? No. One thing people might want to remember is this is a 3 year old title. I do personally think based on this video that the sound does need to be remixed. The music and sound effects over power the dialogue many times. I have not played this series myself, but I have to say I'm kind of interested in the story line to see what is going on.

I do think both sides have a point though. The developer is correct that it might not be everyone's cup of tea. So if you don't like it then that is fine it's your right not to like every game that comes out. The other people here do have a point as well. They would like to see improved textures and a better mix of the audio. The better mix of audio shouldn't be too hard for the developer to correct. The issue of texture is something the developer would need to weigh if it is worth the time required to go back and rebuild textures for a 3 year old title.

The most clear example of time causing things to get better during development is Diablo 2. It clearly shows the the models and such in the first few levels of the game were created long before the final levels that look much better. So the question is if the developer wants to go back and fix a few things with this game or the series.

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