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I have and idea for a new mod which i am currently working on, and the Saturn series may be canceled or delayed for a LONG time.

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I know i haven't updated Saturn or Deja Vu in a long time now, but that is about to change with this important news. Here we go...
-The Deja Vu mod i have wanted to work on, which i actually got NO work on it at all, is officially deleted. I have decided this because it just didn't sound enough interesting, and it was too fake sounding.

-The Saturn series may not come out because of several reasons.
1. I kind of got the maps all screwed up from making them.
2. I'm in 8th grade, so i thought Saturn had a solid surface, but since i am studying Astronomy in my Earth Science class, i learned that Saturn does not have a solid surface, but it is pretty much all gas.
3. I got bored with this mod, i needed something more interesting like my NEW mod idea.
So that is why the Saturn series might not come out. I'm not saying it won't ever come out, but I'm saying that the mod will be delayed for a LONG time, or if it comes to it, even deleted...

-Now time for the GOOD news, i have came up with a better mod idea this time which is a lot more real, first of all because it's on Earth and your not walking in huge boxes or anything like that. I call it Incidentation. I am not gonna ruin the story by giving it out, but i will try and get it on mod db as soon as possible. Please don't expect anything so soon, because i just got back from a vacation in Florida, so i still have some homework for school to catch up on. But i will be working on the mod and i will let you know when i get the mod on Mod DB.

-Saturn Development Studios-


If you're not enjoying it, then there's no point in doing it...

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I say stick with Saturn.
You could have it set on one of two or both of Saturns largest moons. This way Saturn could actually be in the skybox!

But leading mod teams doing coding, modeling or finding people is insanely tuff. Maybe shop your mod ideas to get a more experienced leader and be his or her right hand man.

The latest mod idea has a name thats too long or confusing.
Stick with Saturn, the logo is cool and you could have maps set on space frigates or man made moons etc.
Good luck for an 8th grader your way ahead of the curve.

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