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In some words about me and the mod Bad Company 2: Mason.

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Hello my friend!

My name is Michael. I'm 24 years. I am Russian. And I love the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I think you too. Mystic atmospheric, anomalies, artefacts, story... So, what about story? I always need more, you know. Originaly story is a cool, but she doesn't reveal the full potential of the game universe. Therefore many years ago I began my long journey in the zone. I have created a three mods, and now I am working to the big project: Bad Company 2: Mason. This is a story about the stalker Mason. He is a loser and an alcoholic. And he needs to get to the center of the zone save his friends, who he thrown in Pripyat. His adventures begins in the Rookie Village.

Details in the following posts.
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