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New concept art from Gavin Li. An Eden Kit shines its beacon in the sheltered hollow of a crater.

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Good evening, morning, afternoon, whenever it is where you are!

Eden Star puts you on a frontier world, far from civilisation. Your task as a Pioneer is to reclaim this wilderness, plunder the earth for its rich minerals and annihilate any threat to the Eden Star for the advancement of the human domain.

Here is where you start. The Eden Kit touches down in an open space in order for you to establish an outpost. A powerful core emits a beam of energy when in alignment with the orbiting vessel; Eden Star, transferring a concentrated flow of energy, minerals and data. It is a guiding beacon of light to a Citadel Pioneer, but also an irresistible source of rich sustenance to which certain indigenous lifeforms are uncontrollably attracted...


Pharus 7 is a small planetoid with a hyper axial rotation, causing short day cycles. The night is illuminated by Pharus 7's twin planets, orbiting moons and the alluring glow of precious minerals.

More lore coming soon...

AshtonAndersen - - 205 comments

Looking great guys.

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Guest - - 689,206 comments

Beautiful ! Already said it, will say again: This game is beautiful and will totally rock !

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ghost59 - - 1,060 comments

amazing XD feed me your art

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Jonny_T - - 118 comments

If we ever get to 500 likes on our Eden Star FB page, we'll post a torrent of artwork and release a serious chunk of lore - think you can help spread the word?!?

Thanks for the support!


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