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Wapez going through the current progress and announcing the release date.

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Hello community!

Wapez here, wanting to share our current progress with you! As the title says, we have now set the release date of In Lucy's Eyes; 15th of November! That's about one and a half month from the day I'm writing this, and everyone from Red Line Games* (also known as Frunken Productions, see end of this post) are super excited to release this mod! We have high expectations and we know you will enjoy it. But to make it better than any other mod out there, we're gonna need your help. Yes, your help. The community's and the players'.

November 1st, we're gonna start sending out testing copies. This version would normally have been the finished product, but this time it isn't. This is where you come in.

We will send testing copies to a maximum of 15 people. The people selected will receive their copies via e-mail, and will be able to play it right away. They will then have one week to send an e-mail back with as much feedback and criticism they can come up with, and we'll do our best to tweak the mod (within our boundaries) according to these e-mails the following week. After that, the release date has arrived!

You can sign yourself up to be a tester by e-mailing me, noticing your interest, at:

Important dates:

October 31th - last day to sign yourself up as a tester
November 1st - testing copies are sent out
November 7th - last day to submit feedback and criticism
November 8th - our tweaking and changing begins
November 14th - tweaking and changing is done, information released on ModDB
November 15th - release time!

Mod progress:

MODELS - all the models we need are done, might be more to do after testing
ANIMATIONS - every monster has been fully animated and is eager to eat you November 15th
MAPS - every map is finished and fully detailed, optimization for low end PC's is in progress
GAMEPLAY - core gameplay is close to finished, events and scares in later levels in progress
STORY - writing of voice acting lines is in progress, last notes being written

We hope you are as excited as us about this mod, and we hope some of you want to help us out with it. We need you to make this mod perfect! Thank you, and have a great day!
- Wapez

*Red Line Games is previously known as Frunken Productions. Our name will officially be changed along with the release of this mod.

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