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Rogue Reborn is growing and we need your help to shape its direction.

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We're growing

Rogue Reborn is growing in size very rapidly, both as a community and as a game. The core game-play is rapidly being finished and is approaching playable testing for the game-play (not models, etc). We are in the works of signing on a musician and an additional player modeler.

What we need from you

This game is about you guys. It is for all the original Rainbow Six fans who feel like many others that Red Storm lost their way and for new gamers that want to be part of a community and environment that is nothing like the rest.

Try something new. Contribute.

We wanted to try something a bit different and the team seems to approve us this so far, but we'd like to see how you guys as a community could contribute parts. So, if you believe you are a decent mapper (Radiant) then let us know, you can help us out by doing maybe a small map or a piece of another map (If you're adventurous and are skillful, then you can probably pick what you want). Maybe there are weapon sounds that you like to suggest. Just throw us anything. We'll try to incorporate it in the game. Just make sure it stays true to Rogue Spear.

Debate and Questions

Here are some current topics that are still up for debate. We want to hear from you guys.

  • Stun Grenades
    Go watch a few videos on YouTube or participate at a demonstration at your local police department. You'll realize that even "modern" warfare games get this wrong. Our take on this is that if you are anywhere near a stun grenade your hearing is done. You're equilibrium will be off and it will have the similar feeling of waking up spinning after drinking too much. Your vision isn't going to be all everywhere, but you'll have a nice effect in your vision similar to looking at the sun for too long.
  • Fragmentation Grenades
    A modern fragmentation grenade has a wounding radius of 15 m and can be thrown about 40 m. Fragments will travel more than 200 m. They also don't look like their an explosion of fire.
  • Environment Effects
    One of the _few_ new features we want to add to Rogue Reborn is effects from explosions. An example of this is imagine that you are near a wall and someone tosses a grenade around the corner of the wall. The wall is a protection, but the effect from the explosion will still cause you to lose a bit of your balance. So, we thought it would be an ideal effect if that if such an event happens your player sort of falls into the wall. You can imagine this as if you were standing next to a wall and someone nudges you from the side. You basically lean into it.

We want your guys opinions and views on not only these aspects of the game, but everything else you want or don't want.

Developers Corner

Our original engine was ioQuake3. However, we had to part with it very early on and ended up using XreaL. Both ioQuake3 and XreaL support OpenAL -- Just poorly. In their defense, the original Quake 3 sound implementation is horrible.


We just added leaning - At a much faster time then we expected. The leaning works by rolling the player's view to the left or right. We might approach this differently and instead roll the player's position left or right (visually) as Rogue Spear did it this way. However, in 3rd person it would appear that they are leaning out. Our next big thing will be reticules and a damage system for slowing the player down depending on where they're hit or how often they're hit.

OpenAL + EFX

So, we have decided to fix a lot of these issues by completely removing support of the base fall back. IMPORTANT: This basically means that if you don't have an OpenAL supported sound-card, you won't be able to run the game. I wouldn't worry, unless you have a very old sound chipset or sound card, you won't have a problem. The reason why we are doing this is to allow a greater emphasis on sound and to support OpenAL's EFX. We can now do a lot more with the sound such as the difference of sound between rooms with doors or the reverb you get from walking in a hangar. It opens the possibilities and gives us better room for development. We will be doing conditional checking for certain extensions, so you can be assured that if your card doesn't support any of the OpenAL EFX extension, then you won't get any of neat effects.


You need a GFX card that features a DirectX 9 GPU with Shader Model 3.0 support and your OpenGL driver needs to support the OpenGL Shader Language. Every card newer than the Geforce 6600 GT and the ATI Radeon X1300 should be compatible. You should also use the very latest drivers from your card manufacturers website. This may change over time.


Does the thought of influencing Rogue Reborn make you twitch. Good. We want you. We will be doing an early play test soon for multi-player on a few maps to judge and get a feel for the game. We are looking for critical testers, rather than weekend warriors wanting to get a "free beta". The community is the most import aspect of the game, so testing will be taken seriously.

I'm Interested

Good. Just leave a comment on our profile and we will get back to you.

What Does It Include

Our first round of play-testing will be focused on core gameplay (movement, reticules, damage system) and will feature Killhouse Single Story, Killhouse Double, City Street Large, and possibly another map. We're not positive at the time. The play demo is scheduled in two weeks.The current game mode will be the typical single round team based game play.


  • Will you support 3rd and 1st person (with weapons)
    Yes. Full support for 3rd and 1st person. You will have the option of showing your weapon in 1st person.
  • Will their be single player support?
    We have support for it, but we won't be adding it at the moment.
  • Are kits going to be the same as before?
    Yeah. They will be the same idea.
  • Modding support?
    Yeah. We're pretty sure of it.
  • Price?

I've got a question.
In the original Rogue Spear you couldn't see your weapons and the zoom (I can't recall its proper name, it was on control) zoomed the game in, if your going to have the option of showing weapons like Raven Shield, How will you do the weapon zoom? Aim down the sights ala Raven Shield or Rogue Spear's zoom the game in?
As for the beta, how many maps and what gamemodes will be available and what sort of date/period will the beta test be for?

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justinvh Author

Good questions.

Weapons will have the option of being shown. We won't be dealing with sights at the moment as that is a completely different game tactic and is not part of the original RS game-play. So, we will be doing a typical RS zoom.

Our first round of play-testing will be focused on core gameplay (movement, reticules, damage system) and will feature Killhouse Single Story, Killhouse Double, City Street Large, and possibly another map. We're not positive at the time. The play demo is scheduled in two weeks.

The current game mode will be the typical single round team based game play.

We will have more information about play testing soon. This isn't a beta, but rather a focus on specific aspects of the game.

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i think thats beta testing those aspects

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justinvh Author

Good call.

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So when can we try this ?!

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I got wind of this just by searching randomly one night because I miss this game so much I'm telling everyone about it.

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