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Hi, the mod is still alive, don´t worry ;-) We made some important decisions, for example we will creater the mod for Crysis 2 which is coming soon...

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Hi everybody,

I post this news to inform you about some changes...
First of all we decided to make the STAR WARS mod for Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3 which is coming out this year, if you want to have a look at it just have a look at Youtube (the Beauty Trailer is the best one)...
This does not mean that we take a break until the release, we are preparing everything, create models, plan the maps, improve our skills...
Furthemore we have a new homepage (with forum this time!!!), so if you want take a look at it

I will post screenshots as soon as we have finished the first models...

We are 12 persons by now but we still need help!!!
We urgently need Coders/Scripters, characters modelers and people who can import objects into Crysis!!!
Just contact me...

May the force be with you!!!



Your making a Mod for Crysis 2 and CryEngine 3? I would hate to be the one to flame this.. but don't dream to big.

Also.. Legal?

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okay but i have done lot of things in Sandbox 2. And Crysis 2's sandbox 3 doesnt differ from sandbox 2

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Till3142 Author

Yes, I think there won´t be to much changes made in SB3 but maybe there will be some improvements... Nevertheless it is senseless to start a mod for an engine if there will be a new version soon, isn´t it?

Why should it be illegal to create a mod? There are many mods for Crysis, why should it be forbidden to make some for Crysis 2???

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if you need a BT PM me

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