Ok, I wasn't planning on doing this blog, but looking at the delicate circumstances at SCP: Unity is in, I'm afraid it will have to be.

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Ok, I wasn't planning on doing this blog, but looking at the delicate circumstances at SCP: Unity is in, I'm afraid it will have to be.

Ok, as several of you will know, SCP: Unity is under a strict legal contract, many of these things imply that many of the things in SCP: Unity cannot be used by other people, not even giving a minimum of credit, it is because this that I am forced to change the plans of the mod outright.

Does this mean that SCP: Unity Classic Edition is canceled?

A: Of course not, it will continue under another name and with several things changed.

What will happen to the new areas?

A: Absolutely nothing, they will remain exactly the same, as well as the installation will continue to be called "Site-48"

What will be the new name of the project?

A: That is a surprise that I will soon reveal

What will happen to the graphic style of the game?

A: Not much, the textures will have to be changed, also on models, 173 will also be changed to another version that will be released very soon, the style of the rooms will not have to change much.

What will happen to the videos of the channel?
A: The videos of the channel will be temporarily removed until artwork and a new logo will be presented along with the new title of the game.

It will be sad news for some, but I really must tell you that I am very grateful for all the support you give to the mod, I would not have achieved anything I did if not for the support, I want you to know that my mod will not be canceled, no As long as I'm here, I owe everything to you. Some supported me from the beginning and others joined as the project progressed, whenever they began to support me, I really appreciate all the support you give to this great project, I love you people, it would be nothing without your beautiful support .

Any other questions you have let me know in the comments or a direct message. I really appreciate all of this!

This is TheBlackMauro, and have a nice day!


Im really curious, what strict legal contract is SCP:Unity under?

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TheBlackMauro Author

Basically, certain things in SCP: Unity belong strictly to Aethon, and this makes it impossible to recreate the game in any way, despite all this, you can still use all the concepts of the original game, so the mod will only receive an artistic change, many of the things that I had planned for the mod fortunately did not break the copyright, so they can continue to be used safely.

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