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Important Announcement for PreSky concerning v0.4 and v0.5

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Sadly, I'll be suspending v0.5 (level port) since I cannot successfully and fully compile and test the levels, nor do I currently have the time to do this. I hate to say this, but real life commitments must come first. I am currently in the process of adding the last few things to v0.4, and working out various bugs (major and minor), as well as tidying up and rebalancing the mod itself. I don't have a definite release date for v0.4 yet, only that it is due out 'soon'.
So, until I have a better computer, and more time, v0.4 will be the last release of PreSky, barring any patches for v0.4. In case this isn't clear enough, I'm putting v0.5 on hold indefinitely.

Thanks for all your support, I hope you've had as much fun playing this mod as I've had creating it (which, seriously, has to be loads more - there's nothing fun about endless ctd's somedays)

Cyrus_Crashtest - - 88 comments

thats a shame - still, i know whats its like trying to throw time into a project like this when the circumstances just aint right!
hopefully youll get some mod-chimps to help out in the future at some point!

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Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

Too bad, but yeah. RL comes first ;)

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saintjimmy - - 9 comments

either way man, what u have done, regardless of what bugs and such there are, is brilliant

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kenoxite - - 52 comments

Thanks to you for all the effort you put into this. It's unfortunate that you must stop (hopefully just pause) this project, but priorities are priorities. And, really, even in this unfinished state this is one of my favorites mods.

Good luck in whatever you have to focus now.

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Setakat Author
Setakat - - 873 comments

Thanks guys.
With what time I have available, I can't really afford the hours it takes - I have to use my computer for other work, and converting the levels is system intensive, especially with large levels like Bar and Rostok. So, I will return to this when I have the time to waste.
Unfortunately, for some reason, Stalker doesn't want to run on dx10 for me, and I don't want to be uploading test levels all the time and have others test dx10 for me. So yeah, I might return to this at the end of the year when I know I have spare time (kinda hard to mod when your out working all day).
Anyway, I might follow up v0.4 with a little content addon pack, before moving on to mod Call of Pripyat.
Anyway, thanks again for all your patience with my (semi) buggy releases and tag-along-at-some-point-patches.

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