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Impedance 1.1 was released yesterday adding the long awaited music.

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Impedance 1.1 was released yesterday, with the newest addition, alongside other features, of music. 28 tracks were added, 25 out of which is in game evolving music - the music gets more detailed, more intense and faster as you progress through the game. Overall, just like the music, the game is evolving more and more, and more and more people seem to like it.

The game is about being the last electron in a wire, travelling while avoiding corrupted electrons which act as resistance towards your cause - if you touch them, you lose your energy. The game can be played in 3 different modes, all more difficult than the other.

There is also a mirror mode which enables you to travel upwards instead of downwards, as people prefer different things.

While the game doesn't feature a story, you will get hooked on its difficulty and will need to take some time in order to master it. The question is, can you hit the rank of a god and attain the score of 50 or more in Hard? Find out by playing Impedance, which is available for free, today; you can find it here:

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