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Immersive HD for Doom3 BFG Hi Def improves Effects, AI and Weapon handling

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Immersive HD mod for Doom 3 BFG Hi Def

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This modification requires the graphic enhancement mod Doom 3 BFG Hi Def by y2keeth available on ModDB.

List of Features:

  • Better effects based on PhrozoMod 1.3 and 2.0! (improved weapon effects, lightning, decals and smoke)
  • Improved AI based on Streloks D3 enhancement mod (monsters move faster, dodge more, react and attack more effective)
  • reduced the player walking and crouch speed a bit and adjusted the head bob
  • Fixed some missing sound bugs from the base game
  • Revenants have now red eyes and their rockets fly a lot faster
  • Weapon improvements (weaponchange now interrupts reload animation, rebalanced damage, firerates and clipsize for some weapons, generally improved bullet velocity) more details below:
    • Pistol: is now held with 2 hands, dark pistol grip, semi auto, slightly altered 1st person weapon positions, doesn't gib
    • Shotguns: less spread, semi bullet reload, doesn't gib
    • Machinegun: less greenish texture (looks more military now), 50 rounds clipsize, higher firerate, new fire sound, doesn't gib
    • Chaingun: behaves now like a minigun, highly improved firerate, 250 rounds clipsize, new fire sound, altered 1st person weapon positions, added dryfire, reduced damage due to higher firerate, doesn't gib
    • Grenades: can be thrown a bit further, doesn't gib
    • Plasmagun: higher firerate, higher projectile velocity, small splashdamage, can gib enemies
    • Rocketlauncher: higher rocket velocitiy, does gib enemies only on direct hits

Last tested with "Hi Def" v2.6d

Immersive HD for Doom3 BFG Hi Def

teringlijer - - 145 comments

whow thank you so much for this. im a big fan of your pack! its very nice to see this game still being updated from time to time. big thanks for this (en the rest of your doom high def mod!!

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RiiNeYScOo - - 2 comments

the game crashes every 2 minutes in "Delta 3 labs"

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andygrakof - - 1 comments

Achievement Progress in steam doesn't work with Immersive HD :=\
May be can this fix?

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10631402 - - 1 comments

Hm. I installed it on HI-RES MOD v2.7d for Doom3 BFG. And it crashed, when i go to Alpha Labs. It means that game goes to main menu and opened Console. And Its all.
How can i fix it?

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THEV00D00 - - 104 comments

Try the common fixes from the troubleshooting page:

or run the "_remove generated files.bat" inside the @ImmersiveHD folder and see if that solves your problem.

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lordlord07 - - 3 comments

V00D00, is it possible with ImmersiveHD to change the Recoil of the Shotgun to make it faster ? thank you.

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biznessbailey - - 1 comments

i am having crashing issues while loading the (what i assume to be) the second level. i read somewhere that i needed to go into the root directory and delete the collision folder in the generated folder of the immersive Hd folder of my mod. i have deleted doom 3 vanilla folder and re installed it. going to see if that works.

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naryanrobinson - - 646 comments

Could you update this mod with the particles from
“Phrozo Particles 2 for Sikkmod 1.2” ?
They're really a significant improvement.

Also, is there anywhere I can go to undo configuration settings like only putting one shotgun shell in at a time?
I only ever reload after a gunfight, so all it means is that the time I have to wait before moving safely into the next room is doubled.
Also, only 15 grenades, and they appear to have been nerfed as well.
Any way to get the maximum capacity of 50 back?

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bfg666 - - 188 comments

Is it included in the more recent v2.7 or do I have to DL it too?

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IMAZOMBIE358 - - 1,492 comments

i installed this and the required stuff, my game loaded up (faster than without because the title stuff is gone) and i find that my game is in do i fix this?

also, i just tried playing the game, holy ****, cant do it. my fps is like 2.

but i love the sound and weapon function mods. it would be awesome if i could have the mod without the graphical changes.

if there is a way to do this, i cant tell because the language is in japanese and i have found NO fixes, though luckily i did manage to restore it to previous versions, with my saves and ****. so woo hoo.

still, id love to have those weapon functions, like the minigun and machinegun fire rate increase, along with the sounds

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Guest - - 696,296 comments

Open the default.cfg file with notepad and add tis lines at the beginning :

// Language

seta sys_lang "english"

or another supported language (ex: seta sys_lang "french")

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Guest - - 696,296 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 696,296 comments

I also just realized the model was slightly changed. How do I change that back as well?

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rawr77 - - 9 comments

I am the Guest, and I have come back with answers. If you wish to return to the original model and position of the Chaingun, but keep all of the other changes, go to this link and download the file:

Unzip into the Doom 3 BFG directory. Overwrite everything.
I'm quite surprised I figured this out. I'm still very new to modding.

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Guest - - 696,296 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

EagleBeak - - 157 comments

Does this mod work with the Hi def version made for the original doom 3?

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EagleBeak - - 157 comments

For everyone else holding out wishing to not buy the BFG edition . . . it does not work.

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weirdoutworld - - 53 comments

Is it possible to remove the smoke from the machinegun & chaingun? Or just eliminate the smoke from every weapon fire?

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pawulon87 - - 2 comments

How can I start Doom 3 BFG with both mods in same time? ImmersiveHD with Hidef mod?

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fit4lifefallenangel - - 5 comments

Eh, I wish there was an update for the current version of Hi Def...

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