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A new trailer for the current 1.14 version in anticipation for 1.15's release.

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Red Orchestra 2 reborn as it should have been from the very beginning!

If you experience purple and white texture issues download the Unofficial fix here: Mediafire.comAnd overwrite your old (incompatible) one which you will find here:
C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config


The mod greatly improves the gameplay, atmosphere and immersion of Red Orchestra 2. - An arsenal of new weapons have been added, including: a variety of grenades, guns and dynamic molotovs (Yes you CAN destroy tanks with molotovs- aim for the engine deck at the rear of the tank!)
- New sounds: Weapons are punchier, artillery if terrifying, bullets crack as they whip by and previously removed death moans have been re-added (location specific - throat shots are...unsettling)
- Shrapnel has been added, making grenades and artillery far deadlier.
- "Cinematic" deaths in 1st person - A molotov smashes right in your foxhole, the flames engulf you as you fall, writhing in agony. Your killer dashes over and stares pitifully at you through the roaring flames. Darkness descends and the sound of war around you fades.
- New uniforms
- Helmets can be shot off!
- New scope mechanics
- And much, much more!
Join Dibbler's mod group for regular mod updates and events:
Credit goes to Michael Donner Music for the music used in the trailer.

Here are two servers which are currently running the mod, these can be found in the Unranked section of the RO2 server browser:
[40-1] RO #3 "NO MAN'S LAND" - IOM
Server IP @
[FR] Communaute Francophone - IOM
Server IP @


Really nice,I'am looking forward to trying it out. Keep up the good work. :)

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