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Hi Guys, we are proudly presenting you the story trailer for our casual sim game Imagine Earth exclusively on It's stuffed with latest gameplay footage as well. The game is about establishing sustainable colonies on untouched planets.

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Imagine Earth is an enthusiastically developed crossover genre game of me and Martin. To build up sustainable colonies you have to research new technologies to gain energy, food and goods for your people and try not to drive the global climate into collapse.

Demo version and crowdfunding

We will definitely bring a demo version with the new year. That time we'll also start a crowdfunding campaign on to raise money for the last period of development which is considered taking up nine month more. But the Plan is to release early alpha and episodic updates. Every two months there will be a new playable planet, one directly after the funding… Expect more infos and material appearing on our official project website in the following days ...

Spaceships of Settlers are leaving Earth

The Gameplay Footage is from a new gamplay mode called "Time Trial". At the point where your company has been bought up by corporations, this mode will get unlocked and while have to compete against the expansion clock to match the companies profit targets.


Gameplay Changes

The interface as well as the graphics got revised. The complete simulation of city mood, resources and research system is renewed according to all the feedback we got from players of steam demo. But more over the storyline is rewritten and designed to evoke the feeling of beeing a deep space colonist. Landing on untouched planets with space capsules that are the Seeds and will become the Towncentres of your spreading Colonies.

As the local planet manager you will soon get into a conflict between the corporations profit goals to exploit and utilize the planets resources and the need to develop a sustainable civilization.

Lift of for Colonization Starships

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