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Still not dead, still working, still by myself on this project.

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Every time I think I'm close to making a new alpha, I find more crap I missed.
OK, so I was wrong before about making it to another release, but this time I can definitely say I will soon be working on the first beta!

It won't be fancy, it won't be perfect, and it most certainly won't include any models, textures, pictures, or even audio of the DMO, they will be using models from both TEC and Advent (so far only one capital ship model and starbase model from the advent, for the Javelin class capital ship and orbital colony starbase)

Right now the wall I'm trying to climb over is that I can't figure out how to make the DMO a fourth selectable race, and I feel like it's something really really simple that I'll facedesk for not noticing it before. go ahead and comment if you know what I have to put and where (file, line, example), thank you in advance.

Once I got it as it's own selectable race, all I need left is to finish laying out and double checking each tree of the DMO's research, as well as their ties with all DMO abilities, ships, structures, etc etc etc, research seems to be the most tedious. THEN I'll have the beta :D

Now then, OFF TO MOD! *pulls up the coding in a totally undramatic way*


You need to make a PlayerRace.entity file for the DMO. Copy PlayerTech.entity and rename the copy to PlayerDMO.entity and use that as your new DMO race file. Make sure isSelectable is set to TRUE.

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AaeRohn Author

got that, isPsi is set to false, canColonize true, I narowed it down to me screwing up and moving my whole dang workbench to the mod directory instead of the mod folder, got that fixed now the whole thing freezes when I try to activate the mod instead of creating a mini dump... mulling my muddled brain over it whenever I'm not working or resting for work, and can't use dev mode until at least two paychecks from now >.>

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