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The mod is not dead, i needed a loooong break after touching up vegas1 and vegas2. ive been having issues with mapping, so i am looking for people to join the team.

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I'm not dead! yeah, its been a while since the last update, and if there's one thing about me: I cant keep promises. yeah, I did not get all that much mapping done, I had some serious burnout, so I spent this mostly working on modeling. yeah, modeling. so basically, I'm working on a half life model pack, and a lot of the models I'm like "this would be good in my mod" so lets show off the models I chose. (none of the models i mad from the ground up. the models range from heavy model edits, to 2 models combined, and just qc file edits. but anyways, lets get into it)

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The MP5k! I really wanted an mp5k in my mod, however, there was only one model that had the opfor hands, and it looked bad in my opinion. but now, we have a model from the famous mod The specialists.

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The TEC-9! made to be a alt option for the MP5k, it features a faster fire rate, slightly better damage, but smaller mag size and higher recoil. (replaces the pistol)

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The scoped Desert Eagle! it's primary fire mode is a fast firing heavy damage dealing pistol, while in scope mode, it has a slower fire rate, and better accuracy and range.

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The wrench! I didn't make this model, its from a mod, but since I'm showing off models, might as well show it off. not much to really say other than that. that's all I really have to show. you guys have a good day now


Wow good luck dude!

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Dude take your time, this is your first mod so don't worry too much and do what you like, I'll be waiting for your mod to come out

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cambreaKer Online

hmm scoped deagle, that sounds familiar :gabe:

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SomeGame Author


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Take as much time as you need dude!

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