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Im back and im gonna back up everything every day this time, not just my software. I hate linux and if you do too lets start a linux hate group here on moddb...

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Hi guys welcome the the main page for my EscAPE mod. Its called the unknown at the moment as thats its code name, I dont like revealing too much just incase you decide 'oh ive seen everything now, whats the point in downloading it...'

Heres a few things you might want to know, maybe you dont, well dont hover over it then...

Some things I can reveal, you play an unknown prisoner in an underwater mining camp, the final version will contain new NPC's, enemies and items. There will be no HEV (jus like portal) No hud unless its damage and finally all cheats apart from noclip and debugs will be disabled, God, Impulse and Notarget mainly. This is because I want to provide the player with a rich, puzzle based experience yet still be able to enjoy themselves, I dont think you can truly immerse yourself in a game if your running around in God mode, :P

I will keep everybody posted of any progress made on the project, I will also be adding a progress bar at the top (when I find out how to modify my entire page, lol.) Thanks to everyone who tracks and thanks in advance for any complimets.

Also any trolls who would like to come and take a pop at this mod can gladly do so, I aint got nothing to hide, no-one to thank (apart from my fans/watchers), because so far this entire project is being done on my own so the demo will contain all of valves original content (easier download for you guys) wheras the full version will contain none of Valves graphic content (except the code with a few modifications of course).

Zero's Final Thought: When i've made significant progress for the levels I will start advertising jobs, one job in particular is texture artist, im not really that good with photoshop or gimp (I HATE MICE) but can draw pencil to paper brilliantly and I dont want to steal someone elses hard work I want it all done from scratch. No voice artists or Musicians Ive got plently of mates living with me thatll do the voices, also the music will be created by me but that is definately the last thing on my list.

Once again, thanks to all and to all a good fight!!!


:P lol

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