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Well after being dead for quite a while, I have finally risen from the grave.

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Well after being dead for quite a while, I have finally risen from the grave. The reason why I was dead for so long is because Hammer became frustratingly unusable. It first started by me not being able to select items in the 3D view. I was told that it was some problem with ATI graphics cards (which I had). So I tried a couple of solutions which only solved some problems & caused others, so I eventually gave up. But months later my PC became horribly infested with viruses & had to be taken to someone to get fixed. After waiting for months I finally got my PC back just a couple of months ago. During the process of fixing my PC, a new graphics card was installed (my other one was no good), and this one is not an ATI, just recently I reinstalled Hammer & I didn't get these errors. Strange how a graphics card can cause such an odd error. So my mod is no longer dead, but I do not know how often I can really work on it, I am currently working on other projects involved with film making, nothing to do with modding. Hopefully I can finish this thing, & hopefully it does not die again.

Also, I have been notified that another user has duplicated my mod & is advertising it as his own. He even took my Demo & re-uploaded it. I would like everyone to report this user & his duplicate of my mod. Nobody should get away with stealing someones work & claiming it as their own.

Duplicate of my mod:


Well I can see that the duplicate of my mod has been taken care of. Thanks to everyone who reported it.



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Oh hai.

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