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The raven project is back in action. Though I haven't really stopped making it, I just lost my internet and therefore couldn't post about it.

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That's right, The Raven Project is going to continue as scheduled. I have three maps completed for the Beta version, sadly I'm having an issue with getting the maps to play. Like I said a year ago, this is my first SP project. anyways, hopefully I can figure it out soon. The photo, by the way, is one of the many rooms within the Castle... Hope you like it. For other news, the mod is nearly complete, however, I'm having some issues getting the maps to load. If you know anybody who knows about linking maps together, feel free to email me. As for music, I have learned how to compose some, and have already began the project. Though not all the music will be mine, I have composed a little bit for the mod. Once this mod is out, I do plan to make another version which will include more maps.. Think of it as a mod within a mod. The current stats for this mod are as follows:

  • Castle Lucifer is approx: 75% complete
  • Castle Tunnels is approx: 90% complete
  • Castle Maze is approx: 100% complete

This is the maps themselves, not including the music, textures, etc. anyways, hope to hear from you guys soon.

UPDATE: I am now asking for official help with the mod. I can't find what's causing my problem, but I'm working on that. I've decided that I'm going to make a full length game of this. Though I'm very busy working on "That Resident Evil Mod" For Deus Ex, I'm still going to be working on this. If you're interested, my msn is:

Currently looking for:
Mesh designers (New weapons, etc)
And another Composer (At the moment, I'm doing all the music.)
Texture Artists


I might be able to help... But since I don't know the exact nature of your problem, I don't know.

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