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I'm back working on the mod, got some ideas in the pipeline and working on AI. Could use some help though.

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Hey guys! I'm back, as always watching the show makes me want to re-create it. :) Right now I'm working on rebuilding the mod around the original build order/research Tree in order to improve the AI, I'm also using the original harvesting machanic as I know a lot of people wanted it available.

The Capture gametype will be re-added too, I've been working on an updated version that works around the current resourcing AI so the computer should capture and defend/attack points better.

At the moment my working copy of the mod is pretty messed up, I've been focusing on getting all the ships moved over and I've not bothered keeping things pretty or balanced. I really could use some help. Nothing complicated, just simple text editing, moving/renaming files. The weapons values need tweaking, descriptions coped to the diffrent files, that sort of thing. Easy, but kinda time consuming. All on the SVN so easy to edit/upload.

If you're interested in helping shoot me a pm or just post in the comments and I'll get back to you asap.

Once the mod is back together I'll be releasing it on Steam for Classic HW2 as well as modDb and then it'll be on to the Remaster. :) For you Centauri/Narn lovers I'll be adding them to both versions of the mod since I know a few people aren't interested in spending money on the Remaster.

Lots to do, so many ideas, so little time. :)


Remastered version does come with the stupid DRM known as Steam but the engine updates are worth it for once...

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That and from what I saw its balanced like crap

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Most PC gamers use steam these days lol. I get all my games off of it...

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Zeelich Author

Lol I dont mind steam that much. But I don't use it often. Star Trek Online is the only other Steam game I have installed and I use the launcher it comes with instead. :)

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