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A status update of the "company" Pompi Pompi Entertainment. Including a new game "I'm an idiot", cancelation of "Wonder", pay what you want for "Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima" and "Fatal"...

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Hello everyone, This is a status update of the "company" Pompi Pompi Entertainment, which consist mostly of myself. First of all, there is a new free game called "I'm an idiot" over here. It's a very short and fun game, you can complete it in a couple of minutes, so I recommend you to try it out.

The RPG game\engine "Wonder" is canceled. I am sorry about that. I have decided to scrap my old base code, which served me for several years, and start fresh with a new framework called "Fatal".
I have gained more experience and insights in the programming and software design fields that convinced me I should start with a new framework(as opposed to base code).

I would like to share this new framework. It could be by letting others to use it for their games, it could be by making the source code available for educational purposes. I am not sure yet. The new game I am going to develop with "Fatal" will be called "Fatal Wars 2". It's basically an Archon clone. Why '2'? Well, there was a '1' about ten years ago.

And finally, I made "Labyrinthica: The Quest of Lima" available as a Pay What You Want at, with a minimum of exactly $0. It isn't going to get any lower than that, then I suggest you try it out now.

I would like to hear your feedback, if anything of this sounds interesting. I have been trying to find my way in the Indie world for several years, so if you have any tips or ideas you can share I will be glad to hear them and I am sure other will as well.


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