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Yes, I'm still here. I'm back to give some brief details on what is happening with 1949 right now.

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This is a quick news post with no new image or mod content to report. The reason for this, is because I've been taking an extended break from modding. I've already told you all about my real life university stuff, and I think it's safe to say that that is the main reason for this hiatus. My grades have improved, and we'll see about maybe getting back to modding. The only problem is, my modding machine has mostly died right now, and I'm not sure when or if I'll transfer its drives over to my new one. I may be able to find a way to fix it, but it won't even start now, so the road ahead is long.

So, on to other news. I've played Company of Heroes 2, and wondered why it wasn't just an expansion pack. Honestly, I remember people talking about how Eastern Front was way too much like VCoH but even it diverged more from the standard formula than CoH2 did. There is more new stuff in that mod and more unique concepts. Still, I have been playing CoH2, and have even joined a clan for recreation. I might start streaming that at some point with me commenting on it. More importantly, I was worried for a while about whether I should switch the mod to working with CoH2, but honestly, that seems pointless. More people probably own CoH than its sequel, so that would just reduce my potential release base.

That being said, whether I manage to complete this mod or not is a bit touch and go at this point, I won't lie. I really don't want to have to set up the modding tools again and my career options lay down a different path. Game creation requires a degree unless I start my own studio, and while I have thought about that, I don't think that's exactly feasible. I would love to do something like remake 1949 or produce a more compact sequel to it gradually as a standalone game, even if I had to use a different engine. I don't think I could do that along, though, so that's probably a pipe dream without a Kickstarter or something. In any case, I want to see 1949 completed, and play it in its finished form. Also, I think that if the gameplay changes I made are popular, it could be another mod that shows Relic some ways they could change up/improve their games. Finally, more models have been made public since I was last modding, which would thankfully make my job easier. I am not a good modeller or texturer, and that makes me lazy when it comes to working in those two fields.

So, what's the bottom line? I'm still here. I still have modding on the brain but my focus is elsewhere. Do I want to finish 1949? Yes. Do I think it will be fun to play when it's done? Yes. Can I actually finish it? That remains to be seen, but here's hoping. Don't expect it before the end of the year, or necessarily even this year. Thanks for sticking with me everyone, and sorry that you will have to wait even longer for this mod.

Lord Wiffleby

AFV4 - - 2,204 comments

Take your time dude and I like your spirit !

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Woozle Online
Woozle - - 2,617 comments

It's fine, real life is more important then mods anyway.

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Hopit - - 288 comments

Take your time. But please don't let this mod go!

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ubermensche - - 697 comments

All's good! Glad to hear from you again. You worked way too hard to just let this thing vanish.

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MarcN - - 39 comments

Honest and to the point. Take your time bud, you don't want to do it? Don't. But If you plan on continuing then I'll be happy to see it.

Good luck in the future!

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JudgeAlfred - - 466 comments

I might not agree 100% with your assessment of CoH2 but it's nice to see you putting up a status update. Enjoy yourself. :)

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Warhead77777 - - 278 comments

Maybe this mod was too ambitious.

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