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yes!, finally is here the v2.0, IkaDoom reached another point :)

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Yep, ikadoom is back, even though I said several times that I would leave it, but I just grew fond of this little project, and decided to do something to make it even better and be able to play it and have even more fun with my friends, with this, we have here the version v2.0, Wish

We all know IkaDoom, I released many things, but a good trailer is always needed and here is it

IkaDoom v2.0

Screenshot Doom 20220715 025450

Screenshot Doom 20220715 025543

What's new?:

well to say a thing:

- God Like has 2 new attacks, and revamped anger

- New monsters!, for a total of almost 30 new types of monsters for the difficulties that have divines activated

- New weapons!, 7 that are ONLY dropped by Divines, Good luck :)

- Balance!, a lot of balance was done :')

- Bug Fixing!, yup, I had to fix many bugs in multiplayer and single player

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did doing it, because knowing that you liked my work or that you had fun with it, warms my heart :)

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