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mperial Japanese Army Concept: The IJA is an offensive-oriented, small but relatively more fanatic fighting force. They would make use of melee combat, suppression breaking ability and suicidal measure (such as that IJA crews would destroy their crew before dying.), but their weapon quality is not remarkable. Its soldiers are expansive and hard to replace, reflecting their difficulty to transport troop though the hostile Chinese mainland. The Japanese have no healing facility.

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Imperial Japanese Army

Concept: The IJA is an offensive-oriented, small but relatively more fanatic fighting force. They would make use of melee combat, suppression breaking ability and suicidal measure (such as that IJA crews would destroy their crew before dying.), but their weapon quality is not remarkable. Its soldiers are expansive and hard to replace, reflecting their difficulty to transport troop though the hostile Chinese mainland. The Japanese have no healing facility, reflecting their ignorance to modern field medical system.

The IJA armors are very weak. Their tanks are even inferior to the Chinese/ British Struats, but its advantage over the Chinese is that they are able to manufacture. They also operate a range of armored vehicle to counter the Allies

The Japanese tend to use collaborationist soldiers for their fighting and labor. Those units would be easier to replace than their regular

Building Concept: The Japanese have no HQ and initiate defence to reflect their offensive role in China. Instead they are giving a relative strong beginning units include construction units (2 squads of Bohei bontais and one force labors) While the lack of HQ meant their initial manpower would suffer serious shortage, the IJA can gain more manpower output from construction of each of their building. (but the IJA must still produce lower manpower compare to other countries) Any of the IJA building allow player to call in doctrinal units or ability. The Japanese would not possess start game MG bunker like the other faction

Force labors – The IJA make extensive use of POW and local populace for their labor
-5 men squad, with one Nambu Type 14-weiding officer and four unarmed POW laborer
-When the officer is dead all laborers would join your rank, but is very easily to be killed. Those upraised laborers attack by their tools, which is also very low damage. However they can assist in building basic defense
-Special ability: Exploitation – The officer would execute a laborer to speed up the current building project
-Can not repair vehicle

Security bunker – Defense & production building which armed with a non-rotation limit Type 98 20mm AAA, the first building that’s allow to construct

-tech: Counter-bandit reserve – allow construction of units in this building

Collaborationist - Chinese or Japanese colonial subject that were either conscripted or volunteered to served in the IJA, suffered very low morale due to themselves being labeled as national traitors. Historically they were employed in rear area security rather than front-line duty
-6 men squad arm with Type 38s
-Low morale
-Ability: Bicycle Blitzkrieg – Use bicycle for quicker movement, but would be exposed to attack

Type 97 motorcycle
-armed with a Type 97 LMG
Can be upgrade into Type 94 Te-Ke,
-A tankette armed with a Type-91 MG
-Can be damage by small-arm fire

-tech: Labor conscription - Force labor squad could be increase to 8 men
-tech: Disciplinary supervisor – Replace one Collaborationist member into a Japanese officer to increase morale

Regional HQ - Train "formal" Japanese regulars not unlike the Krieg barrack

Bohei bontai - The regular Japanese infantry
-5 men squad armed with Type 38s
-High morale
-Have 2 upgrade: Type 89 Grenade Discharger - Bohei bontais gain new ability to bombard designated target with Type 89 Grenade Discharger for an amount of mumition/ Type 11 LMG

Koohei bontai
-3 men squad armed with Type-100 Flamethrower and Type 38s
-Can build basic defense and repair staff
-Ability: Explosive – Throw an explosive pack against enemy building and tank
-Can detect and disarm mines

Type 92 Infantry gun – A kind of light howitzer that replace the role of mortar
-3 men armed with Nambu Type 14
-Benefit from greater range and damage, but of course slower
-Can utilize rapid fire like the soviet firebase and smoke shell
-The crew would damage the gun to prevent being take over before died

Taisensha botai – The only Japanese AT weapon
-2 men squad armed with the Type 97 20 mm AT rifle and Type 94 pistol (different from the Nambu)
-No need to redeploy
-Can be upgrade into a deployable Type 94 37 mm quick-fire AT gun, similar to other deployable AT gun unit, but weaker and have a quicker fire rate

-tech: AT gun modification – Allow Type 97 AT rifle to perform automatic fire, make it able to pin enemy infantry and button enemy vehicle. The Type 97 AT gun would also be abled to use rapid-fire ability
-tech: 7.7mm caliber – replace Type 38s ad Type 11s of the Koohei and Imperial troops into better damaging Type 99s rifles and LMGs

Major update on the concept of Japanese Vehicle Assembly

Vehicle Assembly

Type-89 I-Go “Koo”
- Medium tank that armed with a 57mm short barrel gun to against enemy infantry and structures

Shinhoto Type-97 Chi-Ho
- Armed with a long barrel 47mm gun to fight against enemy tank, although obviously perform badly in this role

Type 94 6-Wheeled truck
-Able to transport and reinforce infantry
-Infantry garrisoned can attack outside
-Offer very little protection against incoming fire

-tech: Type-89 I-Go “Otsu” – Outfit the Type-89 I-Go with better armors and a reliable Mitsubishi A6120VD 120 hp diesel engine

Kempeitai station – A place for torturing and interrogate in the hand of Japanese secret police. Come with several Kempeis which have the same function as medic in other faction but they take only the enemy wounds for XP

Kempei botai – Military Police of the IJA
-Can uncloak their large sight area of enemy unit
-Boost nearby troop
-3 men armed with Type 94 pistol (different from the Nambu)

-tech: Informants – Once Kempei botai enter a building, it could install informant into it that permanently reveal the surrounding area, even cloaked units. Enemy units would not suspect such building but the informant would be eliminated once the building is garrisoned
-tech: Death labor – Each wounds we received would produce also manpower
-tech: Interrogation – Allow an ability which once activate, would reveal all enemy cloaked units. Need long cool down time

IJA Units (doctrines)

Unit Three Alls – Emphasize on defense and counter- insurgency. The name is a reference to the Three Alls policy (Kill all, burn all, loot all) utilized by the Japanese to counter communist guerrilla threat

Left side: Solid Wall

-Korean volunteer: replace the original collaborationist squad with this 6 men Korean volunteer squad, armed with Type 38s. They can detect cloaked units and have better morale and stronger than the Collaborationist squad, in reference to most of the IJA Korea volunteers were used as police in Manchuria. Like Collaborationist they can utilize bicycle blitzkrieg

-Bandit watchmen – allow construction of Type 92 HMG armed guard tower. Their HMG have rotation limit and can be damaged by even bullets. Nevertheless they can pi down blob of infantry Ability – Spotlight – to uncloak a small designated area in a short period of time

-Tank cracker – call in a 75mm Type 90 field gun. Its towed by six horses and is almost the only AT weapon that can defeat M4 Shaman frontally in IJA and have the range of Flak 88. Have all ability of Type 92 Infantry gun include its rapid firing ability where it would fire 5 shell like a howitzer to bombard an area

Right side: Clear Field

-Collaborationist conscription: Hard laborers, collaborationist, and Korean volunteers are much cheaper and have one additional member

-Loot: Infantry can now loot enemy fallen for munitions. To garrison civilian building would also reward munition/ fuel/XP for once

-Three All Policy: If our resource points are captured by the enemy, it would not produce anything unless repaired. Quite similar to Panzer Elite’s Scorched earth but in larger effect

Unit Imperial Asia – Emphasize on offensive especially in term of spiritual enhancement. The name is a reference to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the Japanese imperialistic goal to seize the whole of Asia

Left side: Spiritual enlightenment

-Tennooheika banzai!: Allow Bohei bontais to activate a suppression-breaking bayonet charge against the enemy for a while. In this period the squad would spirit faster but can not open fire. The charge also make the squad highly expose to enemy fire

-Gyokusai - Bohei bontais, Taiwanese volunteer and Koohei are bestowed honorary explosives, enable them to detonate themselves with the enemy at will. Such explosives can damage tanks. Heavily wounded soldier would also blow themselves up when the enemy approach

-Bushido embodiment: Sent in a horse-riding three men Type 14 & katana (Shin guntō) wielding officer squad. They can boost nearby infantry like Kempei botai but in greater effect and cannot be suppressed. Ability: Banzai charge - allow them to activate a katana charge for a while where their katana would be devastating against enemy infantry, but they would be easier to be damaged by enemy fire

Right side: Emperor Wrath

-Taiwanese volunteer: send in a 4 men Taiwanese aboriginal special operative squad. Essentially a more powerful version of the Bohei bontai, they armed with Type 38s/Type 99s (They are affected by the Type 99 upgrade) but can be upgraded into Type 100 SMGs. Additionally they can utilize Type 89 grenade discharger. They can cloak without speed penalty and is the only unit with self-healing ability. The unit is a reference to the Takasago Volunteers, Taiwanese ethicality who was utilized as special force by the IJA and was famous for their jungle survival skill. While no Takasago forces saw combat in China (as far as I know), there were a lot of Taiwanese serviced there

-Divine fire: order a Mitsubishi Ki-21 heavy bomber to clear a path with heavy bombardment. It would drop 5 bombs along a line which damage is equal to a Goliath (or higher) Not to mention it need a long cool down time for balance reason
- (Not finished yet, please make suggestion)

Unit Black Sun – A reference to the Unit 731, an IJA biological warfare crop that were notorious for their experiments on living subjects. As suggested this Unit would utilize biological/ chemical warfare

Left side: Biological warfare

-Gas shells: Type 92 Infantry gun gained the ability to launch gas shell, which would unleash a poisonous cloud injury everyone who come close by. More effective than fire to deal with garrison

-Infrastructure contamination: Once activated deny enemy from recruiting and reinforcement for a while

-Germ bombardment: Order a Mitsubishi Ki-21 heavy bomber to drop infected insects to a huge designated area. Those who are in the area would slowly die off unless immediate medical attention (First aid kit/ Combat medic) is provided. Useless against garrisoned enemy

Right side: Medical research

-Gas mask: Once activated all infantry would not be harmed by any biological attack for a while

-Human experimentation: For each wounds that the Kempais caught, your biological attack would have their damage increase by 0.05%

- (Not finished yet, please make suggestion)

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