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A lore update for the Kaminoans and their Roster for the eventual demos release (potentially subject to change). Current Map changes are listed at the bottom.

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Hello everyone. I decided to give this lore piece and roster to give more context as to where the mod is currently and where it is going. Progress continues and I hope to share screenshots with you all soon. Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the background/list provided here.


The false Intel of Imperial Admirals that the Emperor had lost at Endor has brought the Empire to near collapse. Their ambitions have led to a galaxy divided with many worlds unprotected as they seize pieces for themselves. As a result the Imperial garrison at Kamino was withdrawn to aid the Emperor in retaking Coruscant which had attempted to gain independence. In the wake of their departure the Kaminoans discovered an old abandoned landing platform from the Clone Wars. The location had some old vehicles and weapons present but were in need of repair. More importantly however there was a container of Jango Fetts DNA amongst the sites wreckage. Lama Su seeing a great opportunity before him re-initiated the cloning program and the revitalization of the platform. The platform would serve as a new headquarters for the new Kaminoan business venture: Provide protection with Clones for former Imperial worlds now undefended due to civil war and provide cloned organs and body parts for medical facilities across the galaxy. Both of these policies turned out to be a lucrative with worlds already offering funds for protection and medical supplies. Now Lama Su with Taun We and their new Clone Army stand ready to expand their venture throughout the galaxy.

Current Kamino Roster

Ground Units:

Clone Riflemen

Clone Missile Trooper

Clone Rail Trooper

TX-130 Tank

AT-XT Walker

LAAT Gunship

Space Units:

V-19 Torrent

Prototype Y-Wing

Consular-class cruiser




Taun We

Lama Su

Commandos (Minor)

Kaminoan Fleet Commander (Minor)


Kamino Landing Platform

Hypori Droid Factory

Bespin Platforms

Yavin IV Space (with destroyed Deathstar now)

More Planets to be potentially edited or added as well.

Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

Awesome! I almost can't wait for the release!

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dannsair1 - - 5 comments

would it be possible in the near future would we be able to play as the clones?

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Falkenhayn Author
Falkenhayn - - 130 comments

Thank you for your interest. The faction is nearing completion and the added features like the new maps are also getting close as well. The allotted time honestly depends on how long it takes to get the Clone Commando code fixed (it is currently a mess) and obtaining the audio needed for the corvette (the audio for everything else is pretty much done). This is all also dependent on college work as well but I am going to do my best to try and get this out before finals this semester.

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dannsair1 - - 5 comments

wow that's great,
good luck with your finals.

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RockNRollJoe0830 - - 100 comments

A I got a few suggestions boss. Why not add a Starkiller clone for the Kamino faction? This gives the, Kamino a force user to help balance out against the other factions hero list. Also I need to go back into the EU lore to suggest a Mandlaorian force user that can fit in the time frame. Lastly for the Pirates simply add Darth Maul. That's just my opinion on how to give every faction a force user except the droids.

Still need to brainstorm for some awesome suggestions for those guys.

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Guest - - 695,921 comments

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Guest - - 695,921 comments

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