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Ideas, Ideas, Headcrabs and Trolls! Had an Idea today, Figured out how to remove headcrabs and dealing with Trolls!

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Hello everyone!

The Choice System

Figured out today how to take the headcrabs off of zombies, and while going out somewhere today I had an idea that i'm not sure if it's original or not. It is; A Choice System. I'll give an example:
Say you're in a Multi-Story Car Park. You were overwhelmed by zombies and ran to the roof to regroup and collect your thoughts. Now this Car Park has about 10 floors, with overwhelming odds of zombies coming up the Car Park to eat your brains. This is where the choice system comes into play; You have a Choice. You can Throw yourself off the Multi-Story because you've had enough and want it all to end, or you can choose to fight your way back down through the Multi-Story and escape unharmed. The choice system won't always be as drastic as this, but it definately will affect the outcome of the story. Maybe Story mode will have a few different endings. After the mod is released maybe I'll release mini-stories with a few maps; maybe even an extension to the main story. Who knows? But let's not think into the future too much, I'd prefer to stay in the present.

A Troll

Made me Laugh today, he was critisizing the mod and even made a Blog post that (indirectly) took a stab at it. Message to all Trolls: What you do only makes me even more determined to prove you wrong, so keep trolling! It will only mean that you are wrong and I come out on-top.
See you later,

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