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Suggestion list and candidates to proceed. Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.

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We have gathered a number of suggestions from many people that we can use to improve our development direction.

Of these, the elements in bold are the elements we plan to add first.

1. Random event
2. Abnormality Skin

3. Russian / Chinese translation
4. Selective Isolation (so you can choose the next day's Abnormality)
5. Changing the placement of the Abnormality

6. Add Mercenaries (Rabbit Team)
7. How to acquire additional LoB points

8. Saving Employee Settings

9. Abnormality capture system

10. Automated management
11. More friendly overlay text

12. Mini-Map

13. Abnormality List

14. Abnormality Gallery

15. Blockade and Demolition
16. Variety of weapon types

17. Expand employee levels
18. Steam Achievements

19. employee movement between departments

20. Story skip function
21. Self-memo function in encyclopedia

22. Tutorial Enhancements

If you have any idea of a specific direction among the above, or if you have an idea that it has been added first, please comment.

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