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The guys at iFanzine got in touch with us about making a preview and a developer interview. They wrote an amazing article about iDamaged. Thank you very much!

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Here's some excerpts of the mentioned article:

"Ever since I caught my first brief glimpse of an Imperial AT-ST walker at the Battle of Hoth, my inner Star Wars fanboy has longed to drive one. iDamaged, a post-apocalyptic tour de force coming soon to an iDevice near you, doesn’t quite let the player do that, but methinks developer The Red Thing still deserves some kind of geek satisfaction award for impeccable vehicle design sense. The Red Thing was kind enough to let iFanzine take their heavily armed chicken walker for a test drive, and now we’re ready to open the hatch and tell you what to expect! "

See the enitre article here:

They will be featuring a developer interview with us once the game is released aswell.
We're very excited about that and are still hard at work to get the first version of iDamaged out the door.

Stay tuned!

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