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"When hell freezes over, the cold shall traverse the Peninsula." – Akull, the Cold Jester.

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"When hell freezes over, the cold shall traverse the Peninsula." – Akull, the Cold Jester.

A tale that sent chills down one’s spine told of a frosty jester who was cold and ever-bitter. Fed up with being given the cold shoulder all the time by this unfunny buffoon, his Lord used the harsh harvest of one winter as an excuse to kill off the jester in cold blood, proclaiming his death as a sacrifice to the Winter God. The jester's heart was the only thing left, frozen and buried in the snow.

Many years later, when the Lord was taking a stroll in his winter garden, as the cool breezes brushed past him, a freezing mist that materialized into a monstrous being exuding a bone-chilling aura appeared in front of him. “Ice to meet you, m'lord” were the last words the Lord heard before he was frozen solid and shattered. It is said that the former jester has returned, now known only as the Ice Avatar, and he has brought the icy apocalypse to this world.


Name: Ice Avatar – Akull, The Cold Jester
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Affilation: Forsaken
Gender: Male
Race: Elementar
Role: Magician
Damage: 34 - 43
Armor: 4

Movementspeed: 300
Health-Regeneration: 0.25
Mana-Regeneration: 0.01
Weapon Type: Missile
Cooldown: 1.7
Range: 600
Start Health Points: 625
Start Mana Points: 375


Ice Tornado:
The Cold Jester summons a frightful twister of frozen shrapnels around himself, hurting every enemy unit standing in his way.

Freezing Breath:
Akull's foul, freezing breath chills the air to a sub zero level, slowing enemy's movement and attack down.

Frost Aura:
He freezes the air around him, creating solid particles of ice that slows enemies within a 500 range around him and hinders their healing processes.

Fog of Death:
Akull partially evaporates into a bone-chilling mist that deals damage over time to all units inside. As long as the spell is active, he's mostly formless, making 50% of the attacks on him miss.

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