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I need YOU! I need testers and developers (helpers) for continueing the mod. It's very hard for me, school... etc... I. Need. You! Apply now!

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Hey guys. Fortunately I can continue the mod. But Unfortunately it will be hard. I need YOU! Testers, developers or just guys who can help! I need you...

Project Resurrection med

School started. I can't focus on school and developing too... I need you guys, testers, developers and everybody! Please apply.

So, the development is going well... I was trying to focus on Developer Edition a bit more... but Player Edition got more update... I didn't update changelog, but I will, don't worry. Just first I have other to-dos, than updating the changelog.

By the way, just to understand me: I have 1-2 hours daily for developing, and there are days where I have no time for developing. Like this week. I had nothing to go in and update the mod.
Usually, I am learning between 2 and 4 hours. It can increase and decrease a bit. After that I go to that "home-family-work", so you know what. It's about 1-2 hours. Then the small things eat (rave, sleep, repeat), and doing other things... So. Have no time.

Fortunately right now, and in the weekends I will have more time for you, but please, apply, and help us. You won't only help me, you will help hundreds, hundreds or thousands of the future downloaders.

You. Will. Help. Others.


(BTW, Thanks for more than 14 votes for inspiring me to continue this mod!)

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