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Wait, what do all these games have in common? Let's find out!

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Hi guys!

I'm here this time with an important announcement regarding the actual developer of Mana Aegis and a few bits of history around it!


Founded in 2009, Scorpius Games is following the dream of a few ambitious people and the desire to share their visions and creations with the world.

We are a team of passionate game developers from Romania, specialized on RPG and RTS game development in particular but other game types as well. Our team's professional history goes back 9 years from the time spent working on gaming technology and client projects to time dedicated helping others and guide them to achieve their visionary goals.

In the past, part of the current Scorpius Games team gathered under the name of DevCell Software and
created their own gaming technology, the Stemcell Game Engine. They managed to release 2 commercial versions of the software for anyone to use and enjoy and a lot of other game demos, prototypes and free to play titles.

The first client product created under the current company name, using the Stemcell Game Engine in its full shape, was the I Shall Remain Action RPG Top-down Zombie game. Complex character development, intricate and variate quests, great visuals, countless hours of a blend of action and survival techniques made the game leave a lasting impression on gamers all over the world.

Second big client title created by Scorpius, this time using the Unity3d Game Engine, was the Minions of Steel RTS/FPS game. Fully fledged RTS experience with the option to enter any of the units in FPS mode, playing against AI computer controlled players or human players over the network, made this game a joy to implement and play.

Check it out:

GENEI vs Zombies is the third client title in work at Scorpius Games, smaller in scope, great in detail, the arcade style shooting game brings back an old era feel with the new and improved current technology.
(link to in game trailer)

Currenlty, two internal projects are in work at Scorpius, both self financed. They are both our own IPs and very different in scope and scale. Mana Aegis is our development priority for the upcoming year and we are very proud to present it to the world. There will be an abundance of information about the Mana Aegis title in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned and enjoy!

Official Mana Aegis website in the making:

So this is the super secret developer behind Mana Aegis. All the achievements and projects completed so far by this awesome gang, which I'm proud to be a part of, is our testimony of quality and gamer view we cast over our projects which we so much love to create and of course, play.

And as always, keep tracking. There has been HUGE progress with Mana Aegis under the hood regarding absolutely all aspects of the game which we'll be showing you in the next couple weeks and we can't wait to have you play our FREE pre-alpha this year!
Virgil, out!

mhughson - - 72 comments

Can't wait! I didn't realize that the developer was even a secret :D

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virgiltuser Author
virgiltuser - - 23 comments

Sure was! We wanted to prepare our website first, see how progress goes and only a few weeks later it has become official.

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