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Strong Fortress need people to be a mod! Strong fortress 2 is a Team fortress 2 modification with custom voices. models and decals. read the content!

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Well i just begin my first mod to have a little job to do in because i am only downloading things, putting comments etc. To begin and over this mod I need:
-People with good voice and good microphone
-Nice modelers
-Creators of DecalsGood voices: to replaces voices of characters
Modelers: To modified character models
Decals: To add custom funny splash of blood etc.Thats all i need for now
Hope you like to help me!
Warning: if this mod dont over before 04/16/10 (USA DATE) 16/04/10 (OTHERS COUNTRYS DATES) this mod is going to be dead


Strong fortress A team fortress 2 modification

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