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!!! WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS !!! I need your help guys! I have three choices of to which the story's drive will lead. !!! WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS !!!

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Ok so I am basically at the last road block of my story. I have three potential plot mechanics that drives Henry to press on for his truth. Now keep in mind that all the other back stories of Bill Stoneham's past troubled life, the Wood Side Forest case, and the ancient mystery of the portals though the paintings coming to life, are all still intact though the story, regardless of which story driven path I choose for Henry Miller (Protagonist).

Also Julia is still dead as well, again regardless of which story driven path.

1. Julia is secretly a lesbian, and had an affair (Not making this up)

So Julia has hidden a secret affair from Henry of the most unexpected partner she found though her life. She was terrified and felt a bundle of shame, but could not reject the relationship she felt of being right, despite knowing many would find repulsive. Julia's partner tries to tell Henry the truth at the beginning, but is deeply afraid and avoids it.

- She does not bear a child in this scenario.

- Her partner is more terrified to come to terms of what she did, and is scared to death to tell Henry.

- This scenario was created due in part of the novel "Julia's Four Seasons" I am working on. Linking the two.

2. Julia and Henry's daughter has ran away from home soon after Julia's death.

The loss of Julia has troubled Ellie tremendously. She has ran away from home. For about a week, police and detectives cannot find the trace of their beloved daughter. Ellie has kept a secret away from their family, a secret that Henry wishes not to find.

- Henry is tired of the waiting from the detectives. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

- The path that will lead Henry to find out what troubled Ellie, will be much worse than a simple affair.

- Ellie has found peace in those "other" worlds she stumbled upon, but all is not what it seems in the end.

3. Julia beard a daughter, but kept it hidden away from Henry, just before her death.

Julia performed a birth test, she found she was pregnant. But with the financial issues of Julia's health, and knowing she would die, for her own reasons choose not to tell Henry.

- Both Julia and her daughter get caught into Bill Stoneham's world. Julia tries to tell Henry though anyway she can find that she is in grave danger.

- Julia is with her daughter in these other "worlds".

So there are the three story driven mechanics to which I am stuck on to choose. Don't be afraid to give your opinions and suggestions for even ideas I did not even think of.


I like #2 best, and i'm assuming you're unable to make multiple endings, or can you? If you can and would like to, i'd recommend doing that.

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Number 2 is presented best and seems more appealing, but who knows what the other two might become?

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I like #2 too, but possibly I'll like mixed scenario :>

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Definitely #3 .
Perhaps you can blend a bit of #2 with a bit of #3 so that you can achieve some more variety?

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#2 cliche a bit but original XD , for me #3 is a bit over dramatic and #1 is... idk just dose not seem fitting for this story

oh wait there is even a better cliche... it all was a dream XD

epic plot twist; it was not a dream

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jssjr90 Author

Thank you all for the suggestions and thoughts. #2 is I think the best one, despite being kind of cliche of a plot trigger for Henry, but hopefully I can create some deep undertones for Ellie. And not just in words of dialogue and notes, but also playing with the environment to tell the story as well.

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