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Want to contribute some more. Well here's a heads up of what you can do for me. read on.

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First of all, i need help with one thing, people experienced with renX should answer me aysap, i need to know what setup to use so that i can have alpha blend mode on units but still be able to use shadows.

Secondly, anybody out there that can contribute with sounds, voices and such, sites that have free sound effects that you might think i can use ingame would be appreciated!

Also, mappers are more then welcome to make maps for Assault Horizon!

Also, any information about AI Coding would be appreciated too!

Also dont forget to use the forums! =)

flashknight33 - - 1,672 comments

1st -alpha blend = buged shadow ,that is why trees dont have shadows at the game
2nd - for sound look at ppm it may help ""
3rd-i suggest making team at the parts u cant make like sounds,maps ,ai and so on ,dont excpect help comes to u on a silver plate
4th -for ai is systems like urs it will suck ,why? Because the old generals ai cant do the first step "choosing a side" look at IC mod to know what i mean

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OutcastOne Author
OutcastOne - - 456 comments

1. I know for a fact that alpha blend with shadows DO work, just check the Vanilla comanche, The rotors are :O! Alpha transparent! And wait, look. it do have shadows too. so it is possible.

2. Thanks for the information.

3. I do not expect help in the form of a silverplate, just puttin it out there that if people want to help the cause, they can.

4. Gonna check it, in worst case you can still make so the AI uses one of the four factions everytime (The most powerfull etc.)

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Zeke_Dlyoung - - 4,459 comments

1. in w3d options there is a checkbox named "shadow", just check it

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fiddlesti5 - - 47 comments

Man I really wish i could help. But alas, I know nothing of how to code and the like....... =(

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Trooper425 - - 412 comments

I know a sound guy. He does voice scripts for Dawn of War mods, but he might be willing to do some here.

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Shazer22 - - 295 comments

ill gladly make maps specifically for this mod :)

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OutcastOne Author
OutcastOne - - 456 comments

Great, any maps would do, even large water maps for future naval warfare, maybe? :)

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Shazer22 - - 295 comments

sure thing

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Wanga - - 231 comments

I am a mapper, not a very good one, but i could help you!
Pm me if you want.

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