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I am a very busy man these keeps me totally occupied and I have very little time to work on need a GC coder!

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I am going to keep this short...I need a GC coder for GaW. I simply cannot find the time to work on GaW that much anymore. I am going to need coding help.

What am I looking for? Simple...I need someone who REALLY knows their XML to fix the glitches and bugs in GaW GC. First and foremost, I am looking for someone to focus on making all the units work...AI will be something we can work on together...later.

If you are can PM me on Moddb or find me on TNO at

TNO would be a better option because I am there 50 time more then I am on Moddb...and TNO has a shoutbox so its quicker communication.

I am looking for a single GC XML coder...but...2 would also be cool...but its up to both coders to work together and coordinate their efforts.

I am really sorry I do not update as much anymore...but my life has been getting really busy. But...a plus side of being a GC that you get exclusive preview access to all the new models I dish out.

FYI...if you are looking to be a GC coder...I am going to need proof that you have XML coding experience...either in the form of you working on a previous project or some sort of character reference. Perhaps if you are sly enough you can simply just CONVINCE me you are a good XML

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For those who want 2 know what its like 2 code EAW/FOC go to
its got lots of tutorials and stuff to help u on your way

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