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It's been a long time since I updated my Moddb pages. So for any users not following me on discord or youtube and only follow me in here. Here's an update for you all.

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Hi all!

It's been a long time since I updated my moddb pages. Mainly because there's no reason to do so. I have no actual update that I can show you guys. There's a ton of new content created for Rooftops 2 but I can't show anything because spoilers.

There's great devotion to the project and I am developing it with passion and anticipation to its release. Do not expect it to be released in the Estimated Release because I get a lot of setbacks regarding real life obligations and software/hardware problems. Last 2 years were really hard in these matters. I was really slowed down. But the project is nice and safe and still being developed! I hope I have some spoiler-free content to show to you all soon. Probably on YouTube.

It is highly recommend that you follow me on Discord and YouTube for more detailed updates.
I am not very active on MODDB. I use this page mainly for releases.

Join My Discord Server:
Subscribe to me on YouTube:

So until then, here's my latest modding related video.
I hope you find it interesting :)


nice things you are doing.

Just stunbled recently on you "CoD4: MP Junior High School" youtube clip.
I know you're mostly doing SP stuff, but can you please upload your
MP maps (if any) somewhere.
So the community can enjoy pezbot + your mp maps

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Glad to know that. Also we understand, I liked all of your missions and I know it isn’t easy to do something like that quickly. Good luck then :)

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Ive been gone, but that dosent mean i havent been watching

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