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This news is about Milferdson's new Video Card, and the Release date.

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Hello Peoples!

So i have a New video card, its AMD Radeon HD 7770

and here is the picture of my new video card:
This means that i can now resume modding, and i will be rushing just to release the mod on December 31, 2013

Earlier, i made some new units for the mod, and most of it is from the suggestions of the community.
Wanna see it? Suggest More!
See ya Jumping on that date.

thedarkline - - 169 comments


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nitebones - - 222 comments

don't rush mate, take as much time as you will need to finish this

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CadianK36 - - 709 comments

Mate may I ask you since you've got the Card is it WORTH it? I was inteending on getting this one but I just don't know... Also GLAD To see you back to work! Don't rush it as nitebones said take as much time. Cheers! :)

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Argetlam - - 132 comments

Hey, personally, I don't think that card is worth it if you've got access to the newer ones. With the new AMD series that just came out (R7 and R9) you'd better off be buying a Radeon R7 260X, you'll get performance twice as good for the same price give or take 10$.

I'm not saying that it's a bad card, but why buy a lesser one at the same price :p

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FILM_Smartson Author
FILM_Smartson - - 508 comments

ohhhhhhhhhhh, no one told me that there is something much faster but with the same price :/ I just asked peoples in Gamerz Philippines for a cheap-but-fast DX11 Video card, and most of them suggested amd radeon HD 7770.

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Argetlam - - 132 comments

Well, the thing is, this card I'm talking about only came out 10 days ago, so most people still haven't heard about it.

I doubt it's even sold in the Philippines yet, I mean, it's not even available in France or Tunisia right now, so I'm having to wait myself so I can get one D:

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