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Progress has been Very Slow on the I am Legend mod Lately, here's the reasons why...

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Hey Everyone,

First of all, apologies for the Delayed update, I have had to push the I am Legend mod back a while due to performance issues on the Game itself.

When using so many assets with the game editor, I expected to encounter issues at some point, and now it has finally happened. I've tried to work around it, dropping graphics settings right down and what not, but the issue still arises.

I am making progress, but very slow progress, so I may have to make one or 2 cut-backs to accessibility around the city in order to actually finish the Project. There will still be Plenty to explore and I will still be building more skyscrapers, it's just that I also want the mod to run smoothly on mid-high end computers with High graphics settings at least, as this is when the city looks Beautiful.

I've also decided that I will be Remaking the entire city in a future mod, but for the Game Dying Light afterwards, which would be a much better suit for the mod, and would bring the City of New York to life with MUCH more potential and beauty.

I apologize for the delay, and I will update the page at a later time.

Thank you all for your continuous support


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