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We are currently making the last changes and are testing the new features for the HaZardModding Coop Mod 6.04.

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Version 6.04 release planned this(2017) December!

Massive amount of new features, bug fixes and updates.

Most notable changes are:

  1. removed:, causing multiple critical problems
  2. fixed: main.scr, script function globalCoop_main_waitForTeam getting Missions stuck
  3. fixed: Weapons sometimes continuing to fire when released
  4. fixed: Weapons sometimes not firing/
  5. fixed: m1l1c, first lift not working/getting stuck
  6. fixed; m2l2, players getting pushed outside the level by a lift moving into starting position on level start
  7. fixed: m5l2a, ending not working
  8. fixed: Friendly Fire, being used to calculate player to player damage
  9. updated: Secret weapons will work now in coop!
  10. added: killing a player in coop will add -4 penalty score per kill to attacker

This is a quick summary of the Change-log:

  • Added items/features to the Mod: 136
  • Bug fixes (several are critical): 66
  • Updates to existing features: 34
  • Changes to some functionality: 33
  • Removed features/items: 4

If you are really curious, you can check the new (work in progress) version of our Readme file, which should now contain all informations needed to get the Coop Mod working:

If should be more into good old Change-logs here is the (current) changelog:

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