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Another release, more than promised, more features, more levels available and more fun!

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49 levels are now supported in
multi- and single-player

Besides the massive bug-fixes and updates the following major changes have been made:

  • 8 new levels are now supported, from Mission: 6, 11 and 2
  • Classes have been updated, in functionality and usablility
  • Massive NPC AI-upgrades
  • qtracker Mapshots for all Coop 4.2 levels
  • Upgraded the Server Settings correction routine
  • Class Icons alignment
  • Fixed: Invincible Knife only armed players
  • Secret weapons are now in the players inventory again

- Mission 6

Complete Mission 6 aboard the USS Enterprise E

  • Clean-up with Korban to on Deck-8
  • Help Barclay on Deck-16
  • Assist Captain Picard on Deck-1
  • Remove the invaders from the Hull

- Mission 11

Complete Mission 11 Idryll Ruins, Master Control Facility

  • Find the Romulan Commander
  • Destroy the Ɯbermorph

- Mission 2

One level - Starfleet Academy Holodeck Training

  • Repeal the Romulan Invaders
  • Meet Picard

4 and 2 together are very important numbers

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Chrissstrahl Author

Why/How is that so ?

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It has to do with the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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Chrissstrahl Author

The live is human, not all of it but the most of it, for each region a different answer is required, but all regions have a at last one thing in common.

Math is a beginning but numbers are not the answer, they help to calculate and understand, but some things you can not calculate with numbers, and some things are beyond numerology/statistics/common knowledge.

So I do not believe in any numerology solution for the answer of live, it keeps you to long busy, you can calculate a entire universe but it does not help you to understand the humans.

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