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Hypovolemia - Update 4/25/2011 - new weapon spread video

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New Features:

- Marine model fades when cross hair is hovering over it
allowing you to see below yourself and shoot straight down or pickup items precisely.

- Aiming precision for regular aim ( can aim at specific locations on the body )

- Damage / Distance system for firearms
Bullets do less damage the further they are away from the weapon.

- Hit Locations
damage is scaled per limb
hitlocation_head "1.3"
hitlocation_chest "1"
hitlocation_stomach "1"
hitlocation_arm "0.9"
hitlocation_leg "0.9"

- Bullet spread system for firearms

- Removed footstep sounds while walking ( to allow sneaking )

- Added map cycling for servers.
also hyp_mapcycle_random 0/1

- New system for playing startup music
and convar ( hyp_music_startup 1/0 )

New Entities:

- hyp_gameplay_coop
also convar hyp_gameplay
hyp_gameplay 0 = coop
hyp_gameplay 1= dm

- info_player_coop

New Models:

- tanktrap
- Tables
- Sandbags
- tape / tape_used / tape_pickup ( item used for repairing things )

Bug Fixes:

- funcfade system will no longer get stuck on rare occasions.

- FOV glitch on resolution change

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