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All eight unlockable features in Hyperspace Pinball have finally been implemented, and we're working with 3 Peak Audio on last minute tuning of the sound effects and music! Read the story to learn more and see new amazing screenshots!

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In Hyperspace Pinball, you earn achievements by advancing through the levels, and by doing special tricks. These tricks include things like completing a level without losing a ball, looping the ball around the pinball set enough times, and even getting two balls to hit each other during multiball! Each time you earn an achievement, you also unlock a new feature which you can turn on and off at will. Some of these features include:

  • A multicolor light trail that follows the ball
  • Controlling the angle of the pinball set
  • Warping to any level at any time
  • Having the camera follow the ball at close range

Here are screenshots of some of those features:

Image 1 - Playing from a customized angle and using the rainbow ball trail.

Image 2 - Shooting the ball into the level warp nexus while the camera follows the ball.

What are the rest of the features? Which achievements go with which features? You'll just have to play it to find out! If the pictures don't do you justice, rest assured we are now working on the game play trailer!

Meanwhile, on the sound development front, we're working with 3 Peak Audio to finish fine tuning tailor-made sound effects for the release. Gamieon has worked with 3 Peak Audio for all its major releases; including Dominoze, Tiltz, and now Hyperspace Pinball. We've been consistently satisfied with their work; and we believe that when you play, you'll agree too! Once the sounds are ready, we will do internal general play testing. As we approach the end of that phase, we will announce invitations to closed iPhone/iPad testing...that's right, this could be YOUR chance to play for free in exchange for testing stay tuned!!!

Please Follow Our Ongoing Development!
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I was able to test this and I had an absolute blast. Keep up the good work.

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