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Gamieon is proud to announce the submission of Hyperspace Pinball to the app store! After help from users on iBetaTest and even some feedback from IndieDB, and just plain old sitting down and trying to break the app, the time has come to get it ready for release. If all goes well, we anticipate a late August release.

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Our experience has been that App Store submissions usually take about a week to review, and we have yet to get accepted on the first try. So, until that's done, we'll be putting all our energy into gathering a list of at least a hundred different links to places where we can spread word about the impending release, and then again on release day itself.

If you have any good tips on iPhone gaming sites or other Indie news sites, let us know! Otherwise, be sure to tell your family, your friends, co-workers, classmates, teachers, acquaintances, family doctor, the guy coming to fix your air conditioning, everyone sitting next to you at the baseball game, your bowling team, and all your buddies on social networking sites that Hyperspace Pinball is coming to the App Store soon!

In the meantime, check out these latest screenshots we included in the submission!

The image on the bottom right is the splash screen. Hope you like it!

Please Follow Our Ongoing Development!

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