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For thousands of years, mankind has waited for a game that combines the button-mashing thrillhouse of Asteroids with the skill-demanding wizardry of pinball... ...the wait is finally over...and the fate of planet Earth hangs in the balance.

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Hyperspace Pinball for the iPhone/iPad has launched its way into the App Store! The galaxy is under attack by aliens, and we need space heroes like you to save our planet from certain doom in the funnest way possible! Take the controls of your "Warrior-1" spaceship, which by an amazing coincidence looks like a 20th century pinball machine, and use the flippers to smash the aliens with your "Interstellar alien-smashing light ball (Now with 20% more light!)"
Starting from deep space, you fight your way through twenty levels packed with aliens that try to stop you! Did we mention there are boss battles, and an ultimate showdown at the end? Of course we didn't! Don't worry; you have the tools to fight back! Just pick up as many floating Power-Ups as you can to make your Interstellar alien-smashing light ball (Now with 20% more light!) powerful enough to tear through several aliens at a time. If you're skilled enough to get them, you can also take advantage of mega bonus points, multiball, extra balls, replays, and more! If you're a REALLY good player, you can unlock new features; including playing from different points of view, extra balls in multiball, and colorful light trails that follow your Interstellar alien-smashing light ball (Now with 20% more light!).
If you have an iPhone (3GS or better) or an iPad, then the universe needs you! Just click on the link below to get Hyperspace Pinball from the App Store.

Don't forget to visit our Twitter stream to get a code to unlock a special in-game feature!

Feature List

  • 20 levels of play: Each level has a unique background and variety of enemies all with unique capabilities. Every fifth stage has a special boss battle.
  • Combos, power-ups and enhancements: Score big combos by hitting as many aliens as possible before the ball touches the flipper. The more power-ups you gather, the more powerful the ball becomes and the more fun you have! Enhancements include multiball, extra balls, replays, score multipliers, and bonus points.
  • 8 achievements and unlockable features: Advancing through levels and performing special tricks will earn you achievements, and allow you to use new features including color trails coming from the ball, endurance mode, and being able to see the game from different camera perspectives.
  • Endurance mode: This is a special game mode where you only get one ball and you try to rack up as many alien kills as possible. Spend hours beating your old record!
  • Difficulty modes: Easy mode lets even novice players make their way through the game, but at the price of reduced scoring. Hard mode reduces your ball count and throws in advanced enemies early on, but you get more points. Normal mode provides a fair balance.
  • Game Center integration: Compete with other players around the world for the best in-game and endurance mode scores!



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