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A new release of Hyper Wars with a few more changes with speed/time and cost.

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I have spent all day yesterday and a few hours today trying to get all the modifications back up and adding a few more modifications.
In general I have made structures being built much faster at a cheaper cost. Same goes for the units.

I have made Harvesters a bit slower than they were in previous versions, but have increased the amount they can carry, so really you do not need more than one Harvester. Which is what I'm planning to add as well, put a limit to how many Harvesters you can have, probably two.

Speaking of the limit, I would like to make it possible to increase how many commando's you can build and how many SW you can build.

In this version I have made a bit more modifications with GDI. They have faster moving units, not just Harvesters. I have also made the ION Cannon suck a lot more power than usually ,1000 now. The PowerPlants do produce more power too though, 350 initially and 200 extra once upgraded. So you can either count it as advantage or disadvantage, up to you.

There might be a few things missing that existed in previous versions, either way if you find something odd please do let me know so I can keep track of what I should add and what has been added.

As requested before I did decrease the SW timer to 3 minutes.

I am still looking at how I can add Liquid Tiberium Bomb as suggested from Ultra Mammoth mod, however I didn't see one in the game, the truck in the game only launches Nuclear Bomb when destroyed. Either way I will find out what I can do.

As always I am more than happy to see your suggestions on how to make this mod more pleasing for everyone.
I also understand that people do like to see new awesome units and I would love to do that, but I do not have the knowledge to accomplish this yet. If anyone wants to help with that, please do let me know.

I have created Facebook Page and Google Plus Page for this Mod. So now you can always contact me no matter what, I receive notifications on my phone if something has been posted or asked on both of the Social Networks. If you would like me to create another page somewhere or if you would like to creat it for me, please let me know.

I do apologize for not updating this game in forever.

Thank you guys and have a great President's Day! :)


Are you releasing this update soon? I got excited.

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The_Eliminator Author

I did release it, it replaced the old Version 1, so it still shows as if its an older release than the Version 2. Now if you are talking about next Version 3, yes, I will release it this weekend if not tomorrow :) It still will not be final version however. I would like for everyone to get the latest as possible so there will always be an update with balances and so on. I would love to release new units because that would be the most exciting point but I feel like I am far away from that. After all, there is so much one man can do so fast :)

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Ok, thanks. Looking forward to trying out V3!

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