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Major changes in the latest version: power ups, high scores, a new multiplier system, a new control mode, a fancy new interface and plenty of game-play tweaks!

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It's been a long time since I've updated the IndieDB build of Hyper Gauntlet, mostly because I've been reluctant to push any untested changes to you. The last build we had were was v0.5. This latest build comes after months of testing and feedback and should rock your socks off or on, depending on their base state. So what are you waiting for? Head to the downloads section now to get it!


  • Global high score boards
  • Power ups!
  • New GUI with menus, high score boards and options (including volume controls)
  • Reflex control mode! Automatically reverts you to the center position if you're not holding down an arrow key
  • Automatic slow down when you hit an obstacle, to give you a breather
  • Longer, slower level progression
  • Multiplier extended to 10x
  • Level up explosion effect
  • MASSIVE FPS increases

Power upsThe power ups are coloured orbs surrounded by rotating rings of a different colour. The corresponding colour codes to power up effects are as follows:

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots
Slow motion for 5 seconds

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots
Ignore red blocks for 10 seconds

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots
Ignore blue blocks for 10 seconds

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots
Autopilot for 10 sets of obstacles

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots
Extra life


Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Windows 32-bit
Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Linux x86 & x64

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Mac OSX Universal

Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 level up effect
Hyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 ScreenshotsHyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 ScreenshotsHyper Gauntlet v0.8.11 Screenshots


Two Let's PlaysAs a side note, two new videos have also been made about Hyper Gauntlet!

The first one is by Daniel Snd and he gives Hyper Gauntlet a thorough going over, and I'm glad to say that some of his criticisms have already been fixed and will be so in the next version.

Fabri Emanuelin has a 10-minute run-through of Hyper Gauntlet. Unfortunately I can't speak his language, so if anybody could translate for me, that'd be excellent!

Note for LPers: For some reason Google Alerts never wants to tell me about YouTube videos, so if you make a YouTube video about Hyper Gauntlet send me a message here or a tweet giving me a heads up! I love hearing your comments and criticisms and they drive the development of Hyper Gauntlet further.


That looks really addictive!


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