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Hyp is nearing release, we've been busy smashing and gibbing bugs. Here is some gameplay footage for you all.

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We recorded some gameplay footage from our recent playtest sessions. We played three consecutive games while recording, so these are no highlights by a long stretch but I think its still good footage. I hope you guys agree as well! Enjoy :)

The video features three of the classic maps that were already included in 0.1:
hyp_mirage ( sand ) hyp_vacuum ( spaceship ) hyp_slaughterhouse ( op4 land )
but of course all of the maps have been updated and improved!
We played with only four players in dm and tdm gameplay modes.
Hyp continues to prove what a fun game it can be with low player counts but also the ragdoll lag issues have been fixed/optimized ( server side ragdoll physics have been optimized for networking! ) that were plaguing 0.1 so higher player counts should be now awesome as well.

We've been hard at working fixing bugs and crashes. We want to deliver another stable release to you guys. Its been a long wait but I assure you it wont happen again. Mistakes have been made due to inexperience and they wont happen again as the lessons have been learned. We plan after releasing 0.2 to release more frequent updates.

Join our steam group if you haven't already! This way we can all commute easily when the second generation of Hypovolemia is unleashed soon.

Vote for us on steam greenlight, it is our desire and intent to provide our game to you with easier access :D and who can be against that?

Also keep an eye out for our new domain! The website should be done by the time our upcoming release is rolled out.

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

This rocks in so many ways! Voted on Greenlight!

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CuervoSp - - 1,517 comments

This looks excelent, good job.

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brandobin - - 105 comments

Firearms, Underhell, and now this? I'm not sure whether to be happy for good games, or sad because I don't have time for all three.

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OmeG - - 816 comments

I think other players should not be visible until they are in the character's line of sight to give that feeling of "hiding" or "cover" instead of being able to see them on the other side of the wall due to camera angle. Just some constructive observations to further improve realism and difficulty :) Can't wait to play this!

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defragen1 Author
defragen1 - - 208 comments

The game is not meant to be actually realistic, we just want it to appear realistic or pseudo realistic with some firearm realism. Its actually very arcadey in general. The intent is to have gameplay first and realism second. I wouldn't sacrifice good gameplay for good realism. Its an arcadey game dressed like an serious military shooter basically.

Also seeing the other players is a good thing if you view it from this perspective - everyone can see everyone so its technically neither good or bad if both sides have the same. Players can see each other and what they are doing, this forces them to react to each others actions on chess-like level of tactics.

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defragen1 Author
defragen1 - - 208 comments

BTW I personally dislike stealth gameplay. In games such as CS or Quake3 you can clearly see that players are frequently punished for chasing, while rewarded for sneaking/surprising/ambushing. I desire Hyp to be a game that rewards players for relentless aggressive behavior. This creates longer and sustained firefights that are won by out aiming/out maneuvering/out smarting the enemy DURING COMBAT. CS and Q3 have gameplay mechanics that facilitate and reward cowardly play styles on a pro level. Yet Hyp is a game that's basically post CS/Q3 gameplay in a top down genre while encouraging aggressive play and yet still being more tactical than CS at the same time.

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OmeG - - 816 comments

Well said, I understand your concept now, looking forward to playing it! :D

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Kamaz91 - - 38 comments

cant wait! >.<

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