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A brief description of the new gamemode called Huntdown in the upcoming Link-Dead alpha release.

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It’s time to write down for everyone the gamemode that will be available in the alpha. This isn’t the full gamemode that I am planning with robots, bases and hacking but something to play while I will be developing that. The current gamemode is called Huntdown, which is a mix of words Countdown and Hunting. Please note that not all features and weapons will be available in the first version.

At first I was planning to just do a Team Deathmatch mode but because of the playing style I made in Link-Dead it doesn’t make much sense. In Huntdown there are two teams. One is called Mutant Men (team 1), the second Übermen (team 2).


The objective of team 1 is to survive for a given time limit. Surviving means not depleting a maximum unit respawn counter (something like in Battlefield). So for example there is 50 Mutant Men (50 unit respawns) and they must last for 10 minutes while the Übermen try to hunt them down. Team 2 wins of course, by depleting the enemy unit counter (killing’em all!!!).

Respawn placement

Players can choose any point to respawn on the map. However, team 1 can travel only through tunnels and sewers and reach any point by drilling a new hole. This means they can respawn only undergrounds, which is their natural habitation and safest environment to hide, setup traps and ambush. Team 2 respawns only above surface in open air, where they can teleport from the dropship. They can camp on surface but more likely they will have to invade the enemy tunnels.

Weapons & Inventory

Team 1 has only weapons that are available to a typical guerilla type army. Only basic pistols, SMG’s and shotguns. Their primary power is the use of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) which can be used, depending on attachments, for assault, defense or as traps. Team 1 besides hiding in darkness can use camouflage and cloaking devices. Team 1 can steal enemy technology by taking an enemies weapon and researching its construction. The weapon from then on will be available for the whole team to use.

Team 2 has access to a variety of military arsenal. Ranging from light guns to heavy guns. All guns can have special attachments which customize the gun to fit the players fighting style. Besides standard assault rifles and sniper rifles they also use electro-magnetic weapons like railway guns and pulse-laser weapons. Team 2 can also use special drones and robots designed to seek the enemy and go into places that are too dangerous for infantry to walk in.

Armor & Movement

Team 2 is always equipped with a full body armor. This makes them nearly twice as resistant to projectile impact than team 1 which doesn’t have any armor. The drawback is they are heavier than team 1. With only light guns they have the movement speed and ability of team 1 but adding inventory makes them quickly become very slow and immobile.

In a nutshell

Huntdown should provide two distinct gameplay styles for each team. One makes use of hiding, running away, setting up traps and teamwork to create ambushes. The second makes use of weaponry and technology to search and eliminate their targets.

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very cool.

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Wow, very nice.

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Team 2 FTW!!!

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sounds awesome

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