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A big update on the game, lots have been added aswell as changed:D

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I've been busy. VERY busy.

First off - the following new features have been added to the game:

  • Skin selection
  • Loading/Saving
  • placement kits (explanation to follow later in this update)
  • Ability to play fullscreen at 1920x1080 resolution. (and probably anything between that and 1024x768)

Before I go any further, if you want to see these pictures in their original size 1920x1080 - then right click them and click view image.

So, first off, before going into these 4 features - heres a picture of the new menu as it looks now:

ZombieTown v0 62 2015 08 22 20 0

Nice aint it?:)

Now, SKIN SELECTION is basicly what it sounds like. Being able to select between multiple skins when starting a new game. Heres a couple pictures!

ZombieTown v0 62 2015 08 22 20 0 1

ZombieTown v0 62 2015 08 22 20 0 2

Now SAVING AND LOADING is again pretty obvious. But heres a twist! The game will have no multiple saves. It simple saves the game when you exit while being alive, and allows you to continue the next time you play. It remembers your weapons, items and position.

PLACEMENT KITS! Basicly, these are kits that can be found in the world, that when "consumed" (used thru inventory) place an object in front of your character. These kits contain stuff like, campfires, barricades, fences etc. They will have a seperate news update when I get further along with making them. They are already implemented, but they are visually not really set up yet. ZombieTown v0 62 2015 08 22 20 0 5

FULLSCREEN!:D yeah - you read it right, game now supports fullscreen play at 1920x1080 :D

Thats it for now. But to send you off with a proper "see ya" , heres a pic' of what the roads look like now that I've populated them a bit more.

ZombieTown v0 62 2015 08 22 20 0 6

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