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So basically, I felt like I should give people an update as to why The shareware release is taking so long, And this article should clear things up a bit...

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Now, a promise that I have always stuck by is that if the mod isn't mostly finished by the end of 2022, then I would at least get the shareware release out by the end of 2022 (Shareware release being all of E1), There have been some updates to the project with E1M4 being finished and E1M5 starting development, However, most of the stuff originally seen in the screenshots for E1M1-E1M3 Could possibly be changed or even outright replaced, to give you a bit of background, Starting work on E1M5 made me realise how much better potential the project could have if I went for bigger, more innovative levels, as such, I have decided that I will be completely remaking all of E1M1-E1M4, making the maps much larger and more "explosive", feeling like a perfect blend of action and survival horror (the original intended goal of the project), as such, the shareware release has been delayed a bit to October 2022 (If I can finish the maps by then), but for now, all you guys might have for a while in terms of content is occasional posts on the W.I.P maps...

Screenshot Doom 20220816 232027

Screenshot Doom 20220817 001737

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