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Today I want to show you some of our new screenshots, ingame footage and information!

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Huge Update! - 4.3.2009

Hey everyone! Today it's time to give you some new information about our mod! The last few weeks it was a bit quite about our project, but that doesn't mean that we have relaxed this time. So I made a list of new infos! Let's start!

1. Level 2 Status Update

We didn't talk about Level 2 for a long while. Thats because of this level is so big! But now, i can proudly say to you, that i just finished the leveldesign of this map!

Leveldesign: 99%
Vegetationobjects: 45.244
Brushes, Partikel, Entities: 60% (~12.000)
Missions: 75%
Flowgraphs/Cutscenes: 30-40%

Playtime (Level 1-2): about 1,5 - 2 hours

2. HUD Screen

Well, we released a HUD Screen in the past, but there are some details which have changed. But there are still missing the minimap and the Nano-menu, which will follow in about 1-2 months.
Note: This HUD is exclusiv for our Mod Living Hell and the Alpha-Crysis Map by crazyeyezkillah!
User Posted Image

3. Level Screens

At next I'll show you some more screens. The Hudscreen took place in a sump scenario. We also got some other landscapes for you!

User Posted Image

This here is the first screenshot we took while a mission! it's the flying mission in lvl2!
User Posted Image

If you think something like "Uhh, i want to know how this looks ingame!".. then just read on!

4. Weaponry Update:

Unfortunately we don't have ingame shots of our weapons yet. But Pramsen is animating our 4 finished weapons atm! Meanwhile, Rizla is modelling two more. Here we can see the first impressions of what is modelled by now.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

5. Outro

I won't tell you any information about the outro yet. But i want to show you some screens of what i have done so far! It's still very WIP

User Posted Image

6. Trailer

And yes! We got another Trailer for you! It was broadcasted only a few minutes ago so enjoy it!!

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed our todays update :) Pls tell us what you think about it!



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awesome! can't wait to get more infos!

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